How to Watch NFL Redzone YouTube TV – Easy Steps 2023-24

NFL RedZone on YouTube TV can make your football Sundays unforgettable. Some people ask ‘Does YouTube TV have Redzone?’ In this article, we will find out how you can watch NFL Redzone on YouTube TV and enjoy your favorite NFL games. 

NFL Redzone YouTube TV

Does YouTube TV Have Redzone?

Yes, you can watch NFL Redzone YouTube TV as part of the Sports Plus add-on package. NFL RedZone is a channel dedicated to presenting live coverage of special moments from NFL games, such as touchdowns, game-changing plays, and highlights from several games played at the same time during the NFL season. It’s a popular option for NFL fans who want to keep up with all of the action on game day. 

How to Watch NFL Redzone on YouTube TV?

Follow these steps to watch NFL Redzone YouTube TV:

1- Subscribe to YouTube TV 

You need to subscribe to YouTube TV by going to the YouTube TV page and creating an account. 

2- Check Availability 

Find out if NFL RedZone is available in your location and is included in your membership package. Because availability varies by area and channel lineups change, check if it’s included in your package.

3- Add the Sports Plus Package 

NFL RedZone is usually included in the Sports Plus add-on package. Go to the YouTube TV website, log in to your account, and then navigate to the “Settings” or “Account” section. Look for “Manage Membership” or “Add-Ons.” Add the Sports Plus bundle to your membership.

4- Confirm Your Modifications 

After you’ve added the Sports Plus bundle, go back and review your modifications. The cost of your monthly subscription may rise.

5- Launch NFL RedZone

Once you’ve added the Sports Plus package and it’s confirmed, you’ll be able to access NFL RedZone on NFL game days. Navigate to the YouTube TV app on your choice device, and NFL RedZone should be listed in the channel lineup. Simply click on it to begin viewing.

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14 Best Shows Like NFL That Will Keep You Entertained

NFL (National Football League) broadcasts football games instead of regular TV shows. However, there are many popular NFL-related shows and programs that fans appreciate. These are some examples:

1- NFL Hard Knocks 

Each year, this documentary-style series takes viewers inside an NFL team’s training camp. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the players, coaches, and the problems they confront throughout preseason.

2- NFL Films Presents

This series features in-depth and often inspirational stories about players, coaches, and significant moments in NFL history.

3- NFL GameDay

During the NFL season, various versions of this show, such as “NFL GameDay Morning” and “NFL GameDay Prime,” give complete pre-game and post-game coverage, analysis, and highlights.

4- Thursday Night Football

While not a standard TV show, Thursday Night Football consists of weekly NFL games that air on Thursday nights during the season and frequently include special pre-game and post-game coverage.

5- NFL Red Zone

The RedZone channel alternates between live game broadcasts to display important game plays, touchdowns, and highlights from many games at the same time. On Sundays, it’s a popular method to watch all the excitement.

6- NFL Total Access 

This daily NFL news and analysis show covers the most recent league developments, including as trades, injuries, and player performance updates.

7- The NFL Today 

A popular pre-game show that offers analysis, insights, and predictions ahead of Sunday games.

8- Inside the NFL 

A weekly show that offers in-depth analysis and highlights from the previous week’s games, frequently with comments from former NFL players and coaches.

9- Top 10 NFL Network

This series ranks the top ten players, plays, or moments in several NFL-related categories, providing an amusing look at football history.

10- NFL Rush Zone 

This animated series is aimed at younger viewers and chronicles the exploits of a young football fan in a universe where football and superheroes mix.

11- NFL Films Presents

This series features an enthralling narrative and in-depth features about the NFL’s history, renowned players, and iconic moments in the game.

12- A Football Life

A Football Life is a documentary series that follows the lives and careers of NFL players, coaches, and other notable personalities. It offers an intimate glimpse at their experiences, accomplishments, and setbacks.

13- All or Nothing

From training camp through the playoffs, this Amazon Prime Video series provides an inside look at an NFL team’s full season. It gives you unmatched access and footage from behind the scenes.

14- Inside the NFL

It is a popular show that features in-depth analysis, highlights, and discussion from former NFL players and experts.

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RedZone NFL Substitutes on YouTube TV

Here are several alternatives to YouTube TV NFL RedZone if you’re looking for something different:


FuboTV is a popular streaming service that often features NFL RedZone in its Sports Plus add-on package. It has a large selection of sports channels and live-streaming choices.

Sling TV

Through the Sports Extra bundle, you can add NFL RedZone to your subscription, which covers a variety of sports channels, including RedZone.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass allows you to watch complete game replays, condensed games, and highlights on-demand. While it does not give live RedZone coverage, it is an excellent way to keep up with games and important sports events.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream may provide NFL RedZone as part of its channel roster or as an add-on bundle depending on your area. Check to see if they are available in your region.

Verizon Wireless 

Verizon Wireless customers may be able to access NFL Mobile, which allows live streaming of in-market and primetime NFL games. While it does not feature RedZone, it does allow you to view certain games.

Sports Bars and Restaurants

Some sports pubs and eateries subscribe to NFL packages that include RedZone. This could be an option if you prefer watching games in a social situation.


Is NFL RedZone available on YouTube TV?

Yes, NFL RedZone was available as an add-on channel on YouTube TV. YouTube TV with Sports Plus is $84 per month.

Can I get NFL RedZone on YouTube TV without Sunday Ticket?

Yes, If you already have a Youtube TV plan then you can get NFL Redzone on Youtube TV without buying Sunday Ticket.

How can I watch NFL on YouTube TV?

You can watch the NFL on YouTube TV by following the below steps:
1. Subscribe to YouTube TV 
2. Check NFL Availability in your location
3. Add the Sports Plus Package 
4. Confirm Your Package Modifications
5. Launch NFL RedZone 


NFL RedZone on YouTube TV has established itself as the ideal destination for football fans. With NFL Redzone, subscribers can enjoy a football extravaganza like never before. Use our instructions to watch every touchdown through game-changing moments.

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