How to Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription? 3 Easy Methods! 2024

Regal Unlimited is a subscription service provided by Regal Cinemas, a chain of movie theaters in the United States. Canceling your Regal Unlimited subscription is very simple. You just need to follow particular steps to avoid any hassle during the cancellation process. 

Understanding the cancellation procedure will let subscribers make informed decisions about their cinematic experiences while offering clarity on the cancellation process. This article will guide you on how to cancel Regal Unlimited subscription through easy methods.

how to cancel regal unlimited

How to Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription?

Here are 3 easy ways through which you can easily cancel your Regal unlimited subscription:

1- Through the Regal App

The first and best method to cancel your subscription is through the app. Follow these simple steps:

  • If you have downloaded the Regal App, sign in to the app with your credentials.
  • Then select ‘My Account’ from the Menu. 
  • Go to ‘My Subscriptions’ and click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option to complete the cancellation process.

2- Customer Care Services 

If using the app is not working, call customer service at 1-(888)-462-7342 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). For confirmation, provide your account information such as your name, phone number, and email address. Once verified, the customer service representative will help you terminate your Regal Unlimited subscription and you will receive an email confirming the termination.

3- Sending Email

Send an email to “[email protected]” using your associated Gmail account. Add your name, phone number, user ID, cancellation reason, subscription details (start and expiration dates), and any other relevant account information in the email. After submitting your cancellation request, you should receive an email confirmation.

Following any one of these methods will ensure that you have successfully achieved a regal cancel subscription procedure.

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What Does the Regal Unlimited Subscription Provide?

Now that you know how to cancel Regal unlimited subscription, let’s talk about what it provides movie lovers with the features meant to enhance their cinematic experience. Here’s what the subscription includes:

1- Unlimited Movies

Subscribers have unlimited access to movies at Regal Cinemas locations. This means you can see numerous movies in theaters during the month at no additional expense.

2- Flexible Ticket Reservations

Regal Unlimited members can reserve tickets in advance using the Regal Cinemas app or website. This provides easy preparation and assures you a seat for major movie releases.

3- Many Movie Formats

Depending on the subscription tier, users can access various movie formats such as conventional screenings, 3D movies, IMAX, RPX, and ScreenX.

4- Savings on Concessions

Regal Unlimited customers receive savings on concessions such as popcorn, drinks, and snacks, making the total movie experience more reasonable.

5- Exclusive Promotions and Rewards

Subscribers can receive exclusive promotions, awards, and special deals as part of their Regal Unlimited membership. These benefits could include additional points, free screenings, or other things.

6- No Blackout Dates

Unlike some subscription services, Regal Unlimited does not have blackout dates. This allows users to watch movies on any day of the week, even on weekends and holidays.

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Top 10 Alternatives to Regal

Here are the top ten alternatives to Regal Unlimited for movie lovers:

1- AMC Stubs A-List

AMC Theatres offers a membership service that allows members to watch up to three movies each week at participating AMC theaters.

2- Cinemark Movie Club

Members of Cinemark Movie Club receive one movie ticket per month and additional concession discounts and discounted online costs.

3- Alamo Season Pass

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema offers a subscription package with unlimited movies, advanced reservations, and special event access.

4- Marcus Theatres Magical Movie Rewards

Marcus Theatres has a rewards program in which members receive points for every dollar spent on tickets and concessions which can then be redeemed for free tickets and other benefits.

5- Harkins Theatres Loyalty Program

Harkins Theatres has a loyalty program that allows members to collect points for tickets, refreshments, and merchandise. They can then redeem for free movies and other benefits.

6- Studio Movie Grill Access 

Studio Movie Grill Access members get discounted online fees, special member pricing, and other unique privileges at Studio Movie Grill locations.

7- Showcase Subscribe

Showcase Cinemas offers a subscription service allowing members to see one movie daily with concession reductions and no online fees.

8- Cineplex Scene Program

For every movie ticket purchased, members earn points that may be used for free movies, snacks, and other prizes at Cineplex cinemas across Canada.

9- Regency Theatres Rewards Program 

Members can earn points for every dollar spent on tickets and refreshments and redeem them for free movies and discounts.

10- Landmark Theatres VIP Program 

The Landmark Theatres VIP Program provides members with savings on tickets, concessions, and special events at Landmark sites throughout the United States.

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How Long Does it Take for Regal Cinemas to Respond to Cancellation Request?

Regal Cinemas commits to replying to messages or emails within 24 to 48 hours. This ensures that customers receive a human response. Their staff handles requests systematically, addressing each one personally. 

Customers benefit from this method since it eliminates the need for them to wait in long lines or chat boxes. However, the business suggests that users can still be charged for the next month despite canceling. The time of cancellation and the technique employed can impact this outcome. 


Is There a Fee for Canceling My Regal Unlimited Subscription?

No, there is no fee for discontinuing your subscription. However, you will not be refunded for any unused subscription amount.

Does Regal Unlimited Automatically Renew?

At the end of your Subscription, it will automatically renew and continue from month to month

Can I Remove My Regal Account?

Yes, you can remove your Regal account. You can contact Regal Customer Relations at After giving your user information, you can request the deactivation of your Regal account. Regal will remove your account if they validate your request.


Many people wanna know the answer to ‘How do I cancel Regal Unlimited?’ Canceling your Regal Unlimited subscription is a simple process that gives you flexibility and control over your movie preferences. Subscribers can cancel their subscriptions through the Regal app, email, or customer service. While response time can vary, Regal Cinemas attempts to respond to requests within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring fast help. 


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