What Does Calling Restrictions Mean – Complete Guide 2023

You might have tried to call someone through Verizon and ended up with an error message that says, “Calls cannot be completed because there are restrictions on this line.” That brings us to the question, What does calling restrictions mean?

So let’s talk about ’what does calling restrictions mean?’ Call restriction prevents the user who has enabled this feature from dialing specific contact numbers. This feature may stop the restricted contact numbers from calling the person when call restrictions are active.

People often get confused between call restrictions and call blocking. Call restrictions and call-blocking services are two different things. The call-restricting service regulates both incoming and outgoing calls, whereas the call-blocking service allows for the barring of outbound calls.

what does calling restrictions mean

What Does Calling Restrictions Mean?

This basically indicates that the user who you are trying to contact has restricted you from contacting them. People often think that the user they are trying to contact has blocked them for some reason although this is not the case when the message you get says restrictions.

There are a lot of possibilities for the occurrence of this. The person you’re trying to reach has could have changed their number, switched providers, not paid their bill, or perhaps have certain settings activated so they don’t receive calls.

So that should answer the question ‘What does calling restrictions mean?.’ Later in this article, we are going to discuss all the reasons above in more detail.

Does Calling Restrictions Mean Blocked?

You might be thinking that the user has blocked you for some unknown cause. Don’t worry, a blocked number is not a restricted call. 

A restricted call is one that has been programmed so that only specific individuals can reach you. So if your question was ‘Does calling restrictions mean blocked’, then don’t worry, the user most likely didn’t block you.

You can try texting someone if you think they might’ve blocked you. If your message is immediately delivered, you have not been blocked and their calls are simply being interrupted or disabled at the moment.

However, if your message is not delivered and is still not after a few days, this could be due to a variety of factors, but it also might be because the person you are attempting to contact has blocked you.

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What Are Calling Restrictions Announcement 19?

When you call someone and hear the message, “Greetings from Verizon Wireless. At this moment, we are unable to finish your call. Direct dialing outside of your allocated service area is prohibited by this cell phone’s calling restrictions.” This occurs due to Verizon calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call.

This message is calling restrictions announcement 19 and may have been sent for a number of reasons, such as traveling outside of a calling area, do not disturb, or being banned.

The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions Why?

As we talked about above, there could be many reasons why you hear the message “The number you have dialed has calling restrictions,” when you try to contact someone.

There are a lot of factors due to why you are receiving this message. The possibility of you being blocked by the user could also be true but let’s look at some more possible reasons why you might acquire it.

1. The Person Has Turned On Calling Restrictions

Cell phones have become part of human life. Without cell phones, living life in the modern era is about impossible. Millions of calls are made every day. Although there are some contacts, though, that we occasionally wish we could cut off but can’t. This is where the calling restriction service comes in.

This function stops certain numbers from contacting you. If the dialer has enabled the call restriction on someone’s number but still contacts them, it may have an impact. In any case, incoming calls are not particularly mentioned in the limits.

So if this feature is on when calling someone, you will have to turn it off in order to make a call. If you are the recipient of this message, you can try to contact the sender and request that they turn the message off.

2. Changing Cellphone Providers

There are a huge number of mobile providers that provide wireless connectivity. Switching phone providers is very common. People usually do it because they want a service that isn’t very expensive but does the job very well.

Therefore, if you choose to call the person who has switched mobile network providers or carriers, you might hear this message. In such a case, you can wait a while and see if they pick up your call after a while.

3. You Typed the Wrong Number

It is also common that you inputted the wrong number and ended up receiving the warning “The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions.” The number that you attempted to reach is probably still active. You simply typed it incorrectly. When dialing ten numbers, it is simple to accidentally mix up two of them or even just select a different one. 

Make sure you have entered everything accurately, including the area code, by checking it twice. You will face the message “The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions” if you mistakenly entered the area code instead of their real number.

If you discover that you mistyped one of the numbers, or perhaps even a few of them, after you have double-checked the number, try calling the correct number again.

When you are certain that you are calling the right number and still you continue to receive the message “The Number, You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions,”, then check for other reasons listed in this article.

4. Problems With the Network

One of the reasons why you are facing this issue is because the person you are trying to call is having problems with its network. With Android and iPhone/iOS devices, this is a common and frequent occurrence. A person won’t be able to take phone calls if their network settings are disabled.

And the problem may occasionally appear out of the blue. It is crucial to take into account that network settings may have contributed to why their devices disconnected, regardless of how the problem may have started.

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5. The User Hasn’t Paid His Bill

Phone bills can be very expensive and can become crucial. It is necessary to pay them in order to keep your device functional. It can be challenging to make the payment occasionally because these bills appear to get more and more expensive every month.

The person you are trying to reach may not have paid their bill if you call them and get the message “The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions.” There are many reasons why someone might not have paid their bill, including financial hardship, forgetfulness, failure to recognize the charge, and a number of other possibilities.

Try contacting the person via other ways like on social media and if you can, try to contact them in person to remind them in case they might’ve forgotten to pay their bill.

6. The Phone Number You Are Calling Might Not Be Available

It’s also conceivable that the number you’re attempting to reach is out of service if you hear the word “restricted” when you try to call someone. This can be the result of the person’s phone being powered off or they might be deactivating their previous number.

In this situation, trying to contact the person by another means would be the wisest course of action. You might try to find their new phone number from a friend or relative, or you could write them an email as well.

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What does it mean when a phone says it has calling restrictions?

People frequently believe that the user they are attempting to contact has blocked them for some reason, but this is not the case when the message says restrictions.
There are several scenarios for this to occur. The person you’re attempting to contact may have changed their phone number, switched carriers, not paid their bill, or have particular settings engaged that prevent them from receiving calls.

Why does my iPhone say restricted when I call someone?

The most common reason your phone says limited is that your service provider has disabled caller ID. Because of this, the system makes your call from a restricted number. The person whom you are trying to call didn’t know who you are, only restriction is shown to them.

What does it mean when it says calling restrictions?

They essentially restrict who may call or be called from a given phone number or set of phones.

How can I get around Verizon’s calling restrictions?

In order to bypass calling restrictions on Verizon. You need to dial *82 before the number you want to call.

How to respond if you come across a call-restricted number?

it’s better to ignore restricted calls and let them leave a message. Restricted callers are most likely scammers or automated callers if they do not leave a note outlining the nature of their call and how to contact them.

Why would a phone call be restricted?

There are several reasons why a phone call may be restricted or blocked:
1. Network or technical issues
2. Call blocking or filtering
3. Do Not Disturb
4. Call forwarding or redirection
5. Legal or regulatory restrictions
6. Account or payment issues


When you try to call someone and hear the message ‘the number you have dialed has calling restrictions’, you probably wonder ‘What does calling restrictions mean?’ There could be many reasons why this happens. In most cases, the person has enabled calling restrictions. Other reasons like the person having a poor network, is not available, or currently, hasn’t paid his bill could be true.

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