How to Easily Watch ESPN Plus on YouTube TV? – 2024

Prepare to enjoy sports in a whole new way with ESPN+ on YouTube TV! It’s like getting a front-row seat to all the excitement, from live games to incredibly amazing exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. But is ESPN+ on YouTube TV? You will have to keep reading to find out.

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or simply enjoy a good game, this ESPN+ and YouTube TV partnership is your one-stop shop for all things sports. Get ready to have all your questions and mysteries solved in an instant with the help of our guide about ESPN+ YouTube TV. Let us talk about ‘Does YouTube TV have ESPN Plus?’

ESPN Plus on YouTube TV

Does YouTube TV Have ESPN Plus?

Is ESPN+ on YouTube TV? Is it possible to discover and enjoy ESPN Plus via the YouTube TV platform? If you’ve been thinking about these questions, read on to get the answer.

Regrettably, the answer is No. The ability to access and stream ESPN Plus programs on YouTube TV is currently unavailable. This is partly because ESPN Plus is limited to the ESPN app, making it unavailable through any television service provider, including YouTube TV.

However, there is a workaround for people who want to watch ESPN+ YouTube TV. You can still potentially access the stuff you want by experimenting with different routes and ways. Continue reading to learn more about these innovative ways.

How to Watch ESPN Plus on YouTube TV?

Simply said, ESPN Plus is an internet streaming service that provides its consumers with a selection of specialized programming. Surprisingly, you can watch ESPN Plus shows through your ESPN channel with no restrictions. ESPN also has a dedicated channel on different streaming services that you may already be using.

This article will walk you through the procedures to access the YouTube TV ESPN Plus channel, allowing you to watch ESPN Plus shows uninterrupted on your huge screen. 

1- Get TV Ready

Begin by turning on your smart device and making sure you have a solid internet connection for the best streaming quality.

2- Go to the Home Screen

To access the Home Screen and start the native App Store on your favorite device, use your remote.

3- Search for YouTube TV

Select the Search Bar within the App Store and type “YouTube TV” into the virtual keyboard.

4- Locate YouTube TV

Locate the YouTube TV app from the recommendations provided on your device.

5- Set Up YouTube TV

Once your device has been recognized, click the Install option to download and install the YouTube TV app.

6- Launch the App

Open the YouTube TV app on your device when it has been successfully installed.

7- Sign In

To complete the YouTube TV login process, select the Login option and enter your credentials.

8- Section of the Access Channel

Navigate to the YouTube TV Home Screen’s Channel Section.

9- Select the ESPN channel

Within the YouTube TV app, navigate to the ESPN channel.

10- Begin Streaming

You can view a specific ESPN Plus show on the large screen by selecting it from the ESPN channel.

Following these steps will allow you to easily watch and stream your favorite ESPN Plus shows via the dedicated YouTube TV ESPN Plus channel.

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Plans for Subscribing to ESPN Plus on YouTube TV

Here is an overview of the pricing of ESPN Plus on YouTube TV.

Subscription to ESPN Plus:

  • Subscription of  ESPN Plus costs $6.99/month.
  • A yearly subscription is available for $69.99, saving you money over the monthly plan.
  • ESPN Plus provides access to unique live events, original series, documentaries, and on-demand material from a variety of sports.

Subscription to YouTube TV:

  • A subscription to YouTube TV normally costs roughly $64.99 per month (prices may vary depending on area and promotions).
  • YouTube TV provides a selection of live TV channels, including sports, news, and entertainment.
  • It has capabilities such as cloud DVR for recording shows and simultaneous viewing across various devices.

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8 Alternate Ways to Watch ESPN+

Aside from simply subscribing and watching using the ESPN app, there are other methods to watch ESPN+. Here are a few examples:

1- Streaming Devices

ESPN+ is available on a variety of streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. Install the ESPN app on your streaming device, sign in with your ESPN+ account, and start watching.

2- Mobile Apps

Download the ESPN app for your smartphone or tablet. Subscription to ESPN+ allows you to watch content on your mobile device. You may also cast or mirror your mobile screen to a smart TV that is compatible.

3- Web Browser

Use your computer’s web browser to access the ESPN website, log in with your ESPN+ account, and stream the material directly from there.

4- Gaming Consoles

ESPN is available for download on some gaming systems, including PlayStation and Xbox. Install the app, sign in to your ESPN+ account, and start watching the programming on your gaming console.

5- Smart TVs 

Some modern smart TVs come pre-loaded with the ESPN app. If not, you can usually download it from the app store on your TV and view ESPN+ content on it.

6- Bundled Packages 

Certain bundles, such as the Disney Bundle (which contains Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+), provide access to ESPN+ as well as other streaming services, resulting in a full entertainment package.

7- VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

If you live in a place where ESPN+ is not available due to geographic restrictions, you can use a VPN to gain access to it. A VPN disguises your location and allows you to appear to be in an area where ESPN+ is available.

8- Cable or Satellite TV Providers

ESPN+ is available as an add-on to some cable and satellite TV bundles.

Keep in mind that the availability of these techniques varies depending on your region and the gadgets you own. Always use legal methods to gain access to ESPN+ content.

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How do I add ESPN Plus to my YouTube TV?

You can add ESPN+ to your YouTube TV account:
1. Access YouTube TV Account: Log in to your YouTube TV account using your preferred device.
2. Navigate to Settings: Look for a settings or account icon. This is usually represented by a gear or three horizontal lines, and it’s often located in the top-right or top-left corner of the screen.
3. Manage Subscriptions: Within the settings menu, there should be an option for managing your subscriptions or adding new services. This could be labeled as “Subscriptions,” “Add-ons,” or something similar.
4. Find ESPN+: Browse through the list of available add-ons or subscriptions. Look for ESPN+ or any related sports packages.
5. Select ESPN+: When you find ESPN+, select it to get more information about the subscription, including its cost and features.
6. Confirm Subscription: Follow the prompts to confirm your subscription to ESPN+. You might need to enter payment information or confirm your YouTube TV account details.
7. Enjoy ESPN+ Content: Once the subscription is confirmed, you should be able to access ESPN+ content through the YouTube TV app or interface.

Does YouTube have ESPN channels?

Yes, YouTube TV has a decent selection of sports networks, including four ESPN channels.

How do I watch ESPN+ on my TV?

You can watch ESPN+ on TV by following the steps:
1. Get TV Ready
2. Go to the Home Screen
3. Search for YouTube TV
4. Locate YouTube TV
5. Set Up YouTube TV
6. Sign In
7. Section of the Access Channel
8. Select the ESPN channel.
9. Begin Streaming


While ESPN Plus (ESPN+) material is not immediately accessible on YouTube TV, there are several other ways to enjoy ESPN+’s unique services. From streaming devices and mobile apps to gaming consoles and smart TVs, sports fans have many ways to watch ESPN+’s unique live events, original programs, and in-depth sports coverage.

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