What Channel is TBS on DirecTV? – Complete Guide 2023

Welcome to the definitive guide on what channel is tbs on DirecTV! TBS, known for its wide programming lineup that includes comedy, sports, and exclusive material, has a particular place in many fans’ hearts. 

Whether you enjoy hilarious sitcoms, exhilarating sporting events, or intriguing discussion shows, knowing the channel number for TBS on DirecTV ensures you’re never far from superb entertainment. 

What Channel is TBS on DirecTV?

What Is TBS?

TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) is an American television network recognized for its wide programming lineup. TBS, which began as a cable channel, is currently owned by WarnerMedia, an AT&T subsidiary. TBS provides a diverse range of programming, including comedy shows, original series, films, sporting events, and syndicated comedies.

TBS’s emphasis on comedy is one of its distinguishing aspects, with programming that includes popular sitcoms, stand-up comedy specials, and comedic original shows. TBS has shown acclaimed sitcoms such as “Friends,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Conan,” and “Family Guy,” as well as its own original comedy such as “The Last O.G.” and “Search Party.”

TBS broadcasts a range of sports events, including Major League Baseball games, NCAA basketball tournaments, and other sporting events, in addition to comedy. TBS’s combination of entertainment and sports content has made it a popular destination for a wide range of viewers.

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Does Directv Have TBS?

Yes, the tbs directv channel is available in Directv’s channels list. TBS broadcasts a wide range of programming, including comedy specials, original series, films, and sporting events. TBS is normally available to DIRECTV subscribers in a variety of bundles, letting them experience its content as part of their television subscription. Because channel availability might vary and change over time, it’s critical to verify the most recent channel lineup for your individual location and bundle.

What Channel Is TBS on Directv?

TBS tbs directv channel can be found on channel 247 in all DIRECTV regions, including the full range of available packages for your convenience. You can easily access the channel by referring to the channel guide or simply dialing the correct number. Once you’ve successfully located TBS, I recommend adding it to your list of favorites. 

You will streamline the organization of your chosen channels by collecting them in a single, easily accessible area. What’s more, once you’ve added tbs direct tv channel to your favorites, you won’t have to remember the channel number. The simplicity of the favorite channels list makes access a snap.

Top 10 Shows to Watch on TBS Direct TV Channel

Here is a list of the top 10 shows to watch on TBS on Directv:

1. Friends

This classic sitcom has left an indelible effect on pop culture, documenting the lives, loves, and humorous follies of six friends navigating adulthood in New York City’s busy core. “Friends” is a timeless favorite thanks to its sympathetic characters and catchy catchphrases.

2. The Big Bang Theory

“The Big Bang Theory” depicts the eccentric lives of socially awkward scientists as they navigate both the complexities of their science and the complexities of human relationships.

3. Conan

In “Conan,” the quick-witted Conan O’Brien engages in vibrant chats with celebrities, displays amusing sketches, and keeps the audience delighted with his unique humorous flair.

4. American Dad! 

Following a CIA man, his eccentric family, and an alien living among them, this animated treasure offers a sarcastic spin on family relationships and political satire. The show’s caustic humor and crazy plots have earned it a devoted following.

5. The Detour

A family’s cross-country trip takes an unexpected detour in this comedy, as a series of absurd misadventures ensue. The show’s combination of outlandish scenarios and familial dynamics results in a belly-achingly funny viewing experience.

6. Search Party

This show portrays a bunch of self-absorbed friends who become engaged in a true missing person case, combining mystery and humor. The show’s dark comic features and interesting plot provide a unique spin on the typical mystery drama.

7. The Last O.G.

Led by Tracy Morgan’s humorous talents, this series portrays the obstacles experienced by a guy returning to his transformed neighborhood after serving a long jail sentence, giving emotional moments among its humor.

8. Miracle Workers

“Miracle Workers” is a fanciful anthology that takes viewers on imaginative trips around paradise, with each season including a fresh tale and cast of characters. The inventive premise and smart writing of the show produce a lovely blend of humor and fantasy.

9. Wrecked

“Wrecked” finds humor in the hardships faced by a group of strangers left on a deserted island, providing a comic twist on the survival genre. Their amusing attempts at collaboration and survival result in entertaining circumstances.

10. Angie Tribeca 

“Angie Tribeca” mixes slapstick humor and ridiculous investigations into its distinctive police procedural structure, delivering a humorous take on detective work while parodying the clichés of crime dramas.

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16 Best Alternatives to TBS

Here is a list of TBS alternatives, each with its own distinct blend of material and entertainment:

1. TNT

TNT is well-known for its fascinating dramas, original programs, and blockbuster films, and it caters to those looking for compelling storytelling and exhilarating action.

2. truTV

With its eccentric reality shows, comic programming, and unscripted series, truTV delivers a unique and occasionally odd take on entertainment.

3. FX

With a wide and often thought-provoking lineup of dramas, comedies, and critically acclaimed original series, FX captivates audiences.

4. USA Network

A hub for scripted shows, films, and sports broadcasts, USA Network appeals to a diverse audience by providing a variety of entertainment alternatives.

5. Comedy Central 

A belly-achingly funny destination, Comedy Central offers stand-up specials, satirical shows, and classic sitcoms to anyone looking for a good chuckle.

6. AMC

A cinematic refuge, AMC not only shows classic and modern films, but also unique dramas and gripping thrillers.

7. Bravo

With a focus on reality television, lifestyle programming, and competitive shows, Bravo caters to individuals who like their entertainment with a dash of drama and intrigue.

8. Syfy

With a selected selection of episodes and films that delve into the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, Syfy presents an inventive and exhilarating experience.

9. Freeform

This show caters to a young adult audience by blending dramas, comedies, and series that resonate with viewers negotiating the struggles of adolescence.

10. Lifetime

This show gives emotional resonance and relevant stories through its selection of films, series, and reality shows geared toward women.

11. E! Online Entertainment 

This show, which focuses on pop culture, celebrity news, and reality television, keeps viewers up to date on the newest in Hollywood and entertainment trends.

12. Nick at Nite 

During the late hours, Nick at Nite features classic sitcoms and family-friendly programming, providing nostalgic comfort to viewers of all ages.

13. HGTV 

If you’re interested in home repair, renovation, and real estate, HGTV is the channel for you. It’s a haven for design fans and those looking for property inspiration.

14. Food Network

The Food Network offers a scrumptious selection of cooking shows, competitions, and gastronomic trips for culinary connoisseurs.

15. MTV 

A music and youth culture pioneer, MTV continues to provide music-related content alongside reality shows and thought-provoking documentaries.

16. A&E 

A&E looks into real-life tales and experiences that engage and inform, blending reality television with captivating documentaries.

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Is TBS a public channel?

TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) is a cable and satellite television network owned by WarnerMedia, which is a subsidiary of AT&T. TBS operates as a commercial television channel, and its programming includes a mix of comedy, drama, and sports content. It is available to viewers in the United States and some other regions through cable, satellite, and streaming services. While TBS is not a traditional over-the-air public broadcast channel like those available with an antenna, it is a widely accessible channel through various paid TV subscriptions and streaming platforms. Keep in mind that channel availability may vary depending on your location and service provider.

What does TBS stand for TV?

TBS originally stood for “Turner Broadcasting System,” the name of Ted Turner’s media enterprise. Later, the company was acquired by WarnerMedia (previously Time Warner), a large media conglomerate. TBS is well-known for its television networks, including the TBS cable and satellite channel, which offers a wide range of programs such as comedy shows, movies, and sports broadcasts. While the entire meaning of the initial acronym was related to the company’s name, TBS has been more generally identified with the television channel itself over time.

What channel is TNT on DirecTV now?

TNT is available on DirecTV channel 245. 245 is the correct channel for Directv consumers across the country, and there are no other or other channels where you may watch TNT.


TBS is a well-known and broad source of entertainment on the DIRECTV channel roster. TBS caters to a wide range of audience preferences with a plethora of comedy shows, original series, films, and sporting events. Its options, which range from classic sitcoms to exciting original programming, ensure that there is something for everyone. TBS on DIRECTV brings these experiences to your screen, whether you’re looking for a hearty chuckle, a riveting drama, or a dose of lighthearted entertainment. This article has explained everything you need to know about tbs including TBS on Directv channel number.

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