Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook? – Complete Guide 2023

Facebook has evolved into a hugely popular hub for video content, even though it is primarily known as a social engagement app and website where users can post status updates and photo albums. 

You’ll probably see a lot of postings with videos attached in your news feed, whether they come from your friend sharing a video from a concert he attended or a company posting a video to attract new consumers.

We can track how many views each of our videos receive if we upload them on Facebook. But who has seen my video on Facebook? This blog will explore this query and answer a frequently asked question ‘Can you see who viewed your video on Facebook or not?

Can You See Who Viewed Your Vide

About Facebook

Who doesn’t know about Facebook? The 2010s’ most popular mobile app was Facebook. The site’s name, established in 2004, is derived from the Facebook directories frequently distributed to students at American universities. As of July 2022, Facebook had 2.93 billion monthly active users and was the third-most visited website globally. The 2010s’ most popular mobile app was that one.

Although Facebook hash improved a lot over the years, it has faced various glitches like every other app. For instance, people often ask why Facebook Says I Have a Message but I Don’t. And there are other glitches like Facebook showing a white screen after logging in.

Can You See Who Views Your Videos on Facebook 2023?

Now let’s jump to the main problem. Can you see who viewed your Facebook video? You can indeed see who saw your video. 

Go to the Videos section of your Facebook Page and click on the video you wish to check to see a list of the viewers. You may see a list of visitors and their individual viewing durations in the right column of the page.

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How Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook?

Let’s look at some methods on how can you see who viewed your video on Facebook. A few ways have been listed below that. If you follow these you will find out who has viewed your Facebook videos.

1. Checking Your Facebook Profile Manually

The recommended web browser for using this method is Google Chrome. Some problems may arise for other browsers. You may utilize the “InitialChatFriendsList” to see who has viewed my Facebook profile. Follow the steps down below.

  • Log into your Facebook account first and go to your profile page.
  • To view the page source, right-click the page and choose View Page Source.
  • To bring up the search bar, press Ctrl+F.
  • Now enter InitialChatFriendsList and search.
  • You may view the users who have viewed your profile the most. Their profile IDs are listed inverted and comma-separated.
  • Copy the profile ID of the Facebook user and paste it into a new tab as (the number here refers to the profile ID copied). 

2. How To Use Third-Party Apps To See Who Has Viewed A Facebook Video

Finding out who has watched a video on Facebook can be complicated. This information is only available to you, not to the public. It’s typically not a good idea to use third-party applications to discover who has watched a video on Facebook. Such programs not only compromise your account but also harm your device.

Applications from third parties are only sometimes trustworthy. Some of them might not operate as intended and may result in Facebook issues. The official Facebook support center only provides a little advice on this subject. Simply put, it says that it doesn’t have this functionality. However, there are apps from third parties that can.

Although these techniques are effective, you should know that unauthorized third-party apps may access your account and sell your personal information to marketing firms. Furthermore, you must never provide your passwords to unofficial applications.

Facebook has made it more challenging to use third-party apps to access profile view data. Facebook has strengthened its data policies, yet you can still obtain this information using native methods. The majority of profile information summary apps have restricted functionality as a result.

3. Using Chrome Extension To Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Super Viewer for Facebook

This is still another addon that might assist you in discovering Facebook account viewers. Once more, this is an add-on for Google Chrome. Google Chrome is in the lead among browsers. 

This extension is simple and is simple to install on Chrome. Just take these easy steps:

  • Launch the Chrome web browser.
  • Look for this extension and select Add to Chrome from the menu. Hold off until the installation is finished.
  • Log in to Facebook at this time.
  • The timeline bar must display the “Visitor” option.
  • Check the box next to that one to see who has viewed your profile.

Flatbook Extension for Chrome

The Flatbook plugin for Google Chrome can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. It appears that only Google Chrome allows users to do this. Just follow the steps down below:

  • Install the Flatbook extension on the Google Chrome browser.
  • After selecting the Add to Chrome option, wait a while for the Chrome browser’s installation to finish.
  • Log into Facebook after the installation is finished.
  • Select the Flatbook extension by clicking on the symbol in the page’s upper right corner.
  • Select Profile Visitors from the list of available choices.
  • You will receive a list of the top 20 users of your profile.
  • On Facebook, you can also see who unfriended you.

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Can You See Who Views Your Live Videos on Facebook?

When you are live-streaming a Facebook video, you can see who is watching it. Compared to a video that is part of a typical Facebook post, a five-minute live video is unlikely to receive as many views. Facebook, therefore, thinks it’s appropriate to offer a feature that lets people see who is bothering to watch.

You will receive a pop-up notification while doing a Facebook Live every time a new viewer starts watching. If you are friends with the individual on the platform, this pop-up notification will also include their name.

Only if they like or comment on the video will you be informed of their name if you are not already friends. However, it’s still preferable to nothing.

Thanks to a new upgrade that Facebook handed out, you may collect statistics on your video after your live broadcast has stopped.

  • Select the video you wish to view data for on your profile page.
  • Your web browser should launch a new tab and direct you to a page with the headline “Live Broadcast Audience” as soon as you click this.
  • There are two crucial indicators that you may see on this page. 
  • Concurrent Peak Viewers: The most views you ever had for a single live video are displayed in this data.
  • Viewers of the Live Stream: This information will give you a better understanding of how the total number of viewers changed throughout your show.

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Can you see who viewed your live video on Facebook?

You may check the live stream management page while your video is live on Facebook to see who is watching in. Unfortunately, once the broadcast is ended, you are unable to track down the viewers of your live-streamed video. You can look at the total number of viewers, but you can’t tell who saw your video specifically.

If you watch someone’s video on Facebook will they know?

No, They don’t know that you have watched the that they shared. On Facebook, your watch history is never made public. However, if you perform a particular action in relation to a video or a Page (for instance, like a video), that action could be seen by Facebook users.

Can someone see if you viewed their video on Facebook?

Facebook does not provide a feature that notifies users about who has viewed their videos. While Facebook does offer some metrics and insights for content creators and business pages, such as view counts and engagement statistics, this information is typically not available to individual users for videos shared on personal profiles or private groups. It’s important to note that Facebook’s features and privacy settings may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the platform’s official documentation or support resources for the most up-to-date information.


Can you see who viewed your video on Facebook? Well, yes, you can. This article mentions ways to find out who has viewed your Facebook videos. You can also see who is watching your live video on Facebook. Facebook can lag a lot when you’re watching a video, so it’s essential to have a strong internet connection. 

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