What is Snapchat Premium? | Snapchat Plus – Subscription Guide 2023

Snapchat is one of the most used social media apps as it keeps its users connected and engaged. Snapchat Premium has emerged as a wonderful feature to enhance user experiences of people. Whether you’re a seasoned Snapchatter or a novice, Snapchat Premium brings a whole new level of excitement to the platform. 

There’s so much more to discover, from obtaining behind-the-scenes access to your favorite creators to enjoying captivating stories and intimate insights. Are you ready to take your Snapchat experience to the next level?

Snapchat Premium

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is the premium version of Snapchat’s social network, giving customers access to experimental features such as custom icons and pinned chats. The membership program, which costs $3.99 a month and was launched in January, has attracted over 2 million customers since its inception.

Snapchat Plus is available in a number of countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, where users may make use of its benefits on both iPhone and Android devices.

It’s worth noting that Snapchat is following in the footsteps of other social networks, such as Twitter with its Twitter Blue service, WhatsApp with WhatsApp Premium, and Telegram with Telegram Premium. While Snapchat Plus provides a new revenue stream for the firm, they do not expect it to replace advertising as their primary source of money. 

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Features of Snapchat Premium

Here are some features of Snapchat Premium that we have gathered for you:

  1. Early Access to Experimenting Features

Snapchat Plus subscribers can try new and experimental features before they are made accessible to the rest of the Snapchat user base. This puts subscribers at the forefront of emerging advancements and allows them to experience cutting-edge features before others.

  1. Exclusive Single-Player Features

These are features available only for Snapchat Plus customers that cater to solitary use. They may include one-of-a-kind tools or options that improve the personal experience of using Snapchat.

  1. Interactive Features for Everyone

While some features remain exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers, those involving user interactions will eventually be made available to all Snapchat users. This ensures that the broader community can benefit from interactive features in the future. Currently, Snapchat Plus customers get access to the following additional features:

  1. Priority Story Replies

Subscribers have first priority when responding to other users’ Stories. This means that their responses are more likely to be recognized and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Pin a BFF

Subscribers can pin their Best Friend Forever (BFF) on their profile, making it easier to find and engage with their closest Snapchat buddies.

  1. Custom Camera Options

Snapchat Plus grants access to additional camera settings that regular users do not have. Specialized filters, lenses, or shooting modes may be used to improve the photo and video capture experience.

  1. Chat Backgrounds

Subscribers can personalize and add visual flair to their chat sessions by customizing the backdrop backgrounds.

  1. Post View Emoji

After watching a post or a Story, users can react to the content with expressive emojis, giving a fun and engaging way to interact with friends’ Snaps.

  1. Custom Story Expiration

Snapchat Plus users can configure their Stories to expire at any time. This means that individuals have control over how long their Stories are accessible to their friends before disappearing.

  1. Ghost Trails

This tool allows users to add imaginative ghost trails to their Snaps, giving their visual material a distinctive and artistic touch.

  1. Custom Notification Sounds

Subscribers can customize the notification sounds for incoming Snapchat alerts, allowing users to differentiate Snapchat alerts from other app alerts.

  1. Exclusive Bitmoji Backdrops 

Snapchat Plus subscribers have access to a variety of exclusive Bitmoji backdrops that regular users do not. This enables additional Bitmoji avatar customization.

  1. Custom App Icons

With this feature, subscribers can change the appearance of the Snapchat app icon on their device’s home screen, allowing them to select a design that best suits their taste and style.

Overall, Snapchat Plus provides a variety of perks that improve the user experience and provide further personalization and creative opportunities to its customers.

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How to Create a Premium Snapchat Account?

Snapchat Plus is presently only available in a few countries. If you live in one of these supported countries and want to set up a Snapchat Plus account, do the following:

  • Start the Snapchat app and navigate to your profile page by pressing the profile icon.
  • If Snapchat Plus is available in your area, you’ll see a gold-colored banner advertising the service. If no such advertising appears, it means Snapchat Plus is not yet available in your country.
  • If a banner displays, tap it and then choose the subscription period that works best for you. You can begin with a 7-day free trial to test out the features before committing to the subscription.
  • Based on the type of device you’re using, select your preferred payment option. You have the option of paying with your Google account, Apple ID, or associated debit/credit cards.
  • Additionally, you have the option to enable or disable specific Snapchat Plus features. This will help you to personalize your Snapchat experience based on your preferences. Enable the features you want and turn off the ones you don’t.

If Snapchat Plus is available in your country, you can easily register an account and use its unique features by following these instructions.

What Is Premium Snapchat Used For?

Snapchat is extensively used for texting friends and close acquaintances, with the unique feature of messages, photos, and videos disappearing after viewing. Despite its early reputation for graphic content, Snapchat’s stated policy forbids nude and explicit content in 2022. However, it grew in popularity among adult online personas such as camera girls, adult models, etc.

A Premium Snapchat account entails users paying to gain access to someone else’s account, effectively making it a membership-based Snapchat with a cost. It’s not an official Snapchat function, but rather a word used by individuals to sell exclusive material to paying customers. 

Premium Snapchat accounts are not restricted to graphic content; they can also include behind-the-scenes content, exclusive insights into celebrities’ life, or any other content that consumers are prepared to pay for.

Evolution of Snapchat

Snapchat, founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, has evolved dramatically throughout the years. The software, which was once known as “Picaboo,” was relaunched as Snapchat in September 2011, with a major focus on ephemeral messaging and disappearing photos. 

Its novel notion of vanishing messages piqued the interest of young users, propelling it to popularity among teenagers and millennials. Snapchat’s progress, however, did not stop there, as it continued to launch game-changing features that turned it from a simple messaging app to a comprehensive social media platform. Here are some of the crucial moments in Snapchat’s evolution:

Disappearing Messages

Snapchat’s early days were defined by its fundamental feature – transmitting messages, photographs, and videos that disappeared after being viewed, distinguishing it from traditional messaging apps.

Snapchat Stories

In October 2013, Snapchat debuted “Stories,” which allowed users to submit a collection of photographs and videos that remained accessible for 24 hours, forming a narrative of their day.

Lenses and Filters

Snapchat released Lenses in 2015, which adds augmented reality effects to selfies, making the app even more entertaining and participatory. Filters, such as filters and location-based filters, were also added to snaps, bringing context and personalization.


Discover, which debuted in January 2015, brings media content from publishers and producers to Snapchat’s platform, providing users with news, entertainment, and original programming.


Snapchat released Memories in 2016, allowing users to keep and revisit their Snaps, taking the app beyond its ephemeral nature.

Snap Map

Launched in 2017, Snap Map allowed users to share their position and see where their friends were on a map, allowing for a new way to connect and participate.


In 2016, Snapchat entered the hardware market with Spectacles, sunglasses with a built-in camera for capturing Snaps in the first person.

AR Lenses and Bitmoji 

Snapchat continued to improve its augmented reality experiences with additional interactive lenses and integration with Bitmoji characters, allowing users to express themselves creatively.

Snap Originals & Shows

Snapchat increased its original content offering in 2018, launching exclusive shows and collaborating with celebrities and influencers to provide distinctive programming.

Dynamic Advertisements 

Snapchat introduced dynamic advertisements in 2019, allowing advertisers to produce personalized and relevant adverts based on user’s interests and behavior.


In 2020, Snapchat debuted Spotlight, a TikTok-like feature for short-form videos, with the goal of competing in the fast-increasing short-video content industry.

Expanded E-commerce and Shopping Features

Snapchat has incorporated shopping and e-commerce tools, allowing users to explore and purchase things directly from the app.

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What does premium Snapchat do?

Premium Snapchat referred to a type of Snapchat account that users could create to share exclusive content with their subscribers in exchange for a fee. Here’s how it worked:
1. Content Sharing: Users with premium Snapchat accounts would post photos and videos, often of a more explicit or adult nature, that they didn’t share on their regular public Snapchat accounts.
2. Subscription Model: To access this exclusive content, interested individuals would have to subscribe to the premium account. Subscribers paid a recurring fee (monthly, quarterly, or otherwise) to gain access to the private content.
3. Privacy and Control: Premium Snapchat account holders had more control over their audience, allowing them to restrict access only to paying subscribers. This created a sense of exclusivity and privacy for both content creators and subscribers.

How much does Snapchat premium cost?

The Snapchat Premium or Snapchat Plus can cost you around $3.99 per month. You can unlock some premium features of Snapchat.

Is it worth it to get Snapchat Premium?

Yes, Snapchat Premium is worth getting as it unlocks the exclusive feature of Snapchat like Story Timer, Friend Solar System and Best Friends Forever, and many more.

What features are on Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus has the following these features:
1. Early Access to Experimenting Features
2. Exclusive Single-Player Features
3. Interactive Features for Everyone
4. Priority Story Replies
5. Pin a BFF
6. Custom Camera Options
7. Chat Backgrounds
8. Post View Emoji
9. Custom Story Expiration
10. Ghost Trails
11. Custom Notification Sounds
12. Exclusive Bitmoji Backdrops 
13. Custom App Icons


Snapchat Premium customers get a special and personalized experience, with early access to experimental features and unique content. While primarily linked with explicit material, Snapchat Premium has expanded to include a wide range of interests and rare insights into the lives of creators. 

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