Facebook Says I Have a Message but I Don’t | Messenger Shows Unread Message – 9 Best Fixes 2023

Have you received a new message notification on your phone from Facebook Messenger but when you check your inbox there is no message? Well, there is no reason to become agitated. It’s far more straightforward than you may imagine. 

The Facebook Messenger app makes it convenient to communicate with friends and family. But sometimes it may be annoying when you can’t remember whether you’ve previously seen a message when you receive it again. The application will make it seem like you have received new messages even if you haven’t, giving the impression that Messenger notifications aren’t working.

Facebook says I have a message but I don't

Facebook Says I Have a Message but I Don’t

This is one of those bizarre little bugs that keep cropping up in the Facebook Messenger mobile app, regardless of whether you use Facebook for personal or professional marketing objectives. The Facebook app notifies you when you open it that the Messenger app has a new message.

Facebook says I have a message but I don’t is a very searched question and it can be very irritating when a user gets false notifications on their busy day of work. This is what you can do to clear the Facebook Messenger notice when there are no messages to be read. Even if you believe you have read everything, you should first check your whole inbox again. Scroll through the Messenger app after going through your message requests. It is also possible that you have old unread messages that you never even bothered to read. 

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Messenger Shows Unread Message

You must go through every message because if Facebook or Messenger claims that you have a message when you don’t, it means that you haven’t checked properly. Despite having access to every communication you’ve ever received, there are times when you might not want to read that particular message.

If it is coming from someone you don’t like or is about something you don’t want to do, for instance, you might not want to watch it. You can choose not to receive alerts for these talks.

On the other hand, a notice will display on your screen if your significant other sends you a message or if something happens that could be important so that you don’t forget to check it and miss out on any vital information. You can try turning off announcements on the settings page to prevent announcements from appearing if there are multiple alerts and they keep lighting up on your screen.

The messages will no longer show up on your screen, but they will still be preserved in the messaging application so you can review them later if necessary.

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How to End Having a Messenger Notification but No Message?

So you have a Facebook messenger notification but no message. A report or message has been sent anywhere in all of Facebook’s messaging options that Facebook Messenger believes you should read. Finding message requests on Messenger that are causing the Facebook app icon to continue to display an unread message will be the trick. Down below we have listed some ways you can try to end Messenger showing unread messages. 

 1. Find All Unread Threads

You can view anything that Facebook finds unread by signing onto the website of Facebook on the desktop version. Go to the messenger and tap on the gear symbol in the upper left corner, then select “Unread Threads.”

2. Using Both the Desktop and Mobile Browsers

You can also open Facebook.com in your mobile browser and select “Show Desktop View” or “Request Desktop Site” from the browser drop-down menu if you’re truly frustrated and don’t have access to a desktop computer. This will solve the problem by forcing Facebook to display the desktop version of the website and enabling you to use Facebook Messenger via the browser rather than the mobile app.

3. Select the ‘Mark All Read’

You can tap on the mark all read option on Facebook which could stop Facebook messenger notifications but no message. To do this, repeat the following steps.

  • Connect to the internet and open Facebook on your web browser.
  • When Facebook is opened on your desktop, select Messenger by clicking the button in the top right corner.
  • Over there, you will see a ‘mark all as read’ option. Tap on this option and then your problem might be fixed.

4. Read The Message 

On your desktop, launch a browser. Log into your account by visiting Facebook.com. The “Messenger” link can be found on the left navigation. The unread message should be highlighted with bold text on the left. When you click the message, Facebook Messenger marks it as read. The unread message icon shouldn’t be there after you log in to the mobile app.

5. Check Messages Request

In a web browser, log into your Facebook account and select the Messenger icon. By selecting the message requests button, you can view your “message requests.” Open the “People” menu on your messenger app, as seen below.  

6. Reinstall Facebook Messenger

If still your Messenger shows an unread message, then some people have stated that reinstalling the Facebook Messenger app has worked for them in fixing this issue. To do so, hold your Facebook icon until you see the uninstall button appear. Tap on the uninstall button or you can go to your app store and uninstall the app from there. Once the app is done uninstalling, install it again and log in to check if the issue is fixed or not.

7. Check If Facebook is Down

This issue could also be the result of Facebook being down. You can check whether or not Facebook is down by going to downdetecter.com and by going there you will see a chart which if it is going downwards, means Facebook is down so you will have to wait until it is back up to see whether or not your issue is resolved.

8. Clear Facebook Messenger Data and Cache

Another useful solution to this problem can be clearing the Facebook messenger cache. To do this, just repeat the following steps. First, go to your mobile’s settings, scroll down, or in the search bar, type in apps. Go to apps and tap on all apps to find a Facebook messenger. Once you open the messenger, tap on storage and from there you can clear data and clear the cache.

9. Try Contacting Facebook

If you have followed all the above steps and if you are still facing this issue, then it would be a good call to contact Facebook. You can do this by ‘Reporting a Problem’ to Facebook and they will then help you to resolve this issue.

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Why does Facebook Messenger say I have a message?

Facebook says you have a message because of a couple of reasons, first, there may be a bug or error in the messenger.
Another possibility is that you have some unread messages in another folder or group chat.
The third reason may be that you may be checking something on the Facebook marketplace or maybe you ask something from the customer to rate on Facebook Marketplace.
Facebook save those messages and their notification appear on your messenger.

How do I get rid of the messenger notification when there is no message?

You can get rid of the messenger notification when there is no message by following the Ways
1. Find All Unread Threads
2. Using Both the Desktop and Mobile Browsers
3. Select the ‘Mark All Read’
4. Check Messages Request
5. Reinstall Facebook Messenger
6. Check If Facebook is Down
7. Clear Facebook Messenger Data and Cache
8. Read The Message 
9. Try Contacting Facebook

Why do I have a message notification but no message on Facebook?

There could be a bug or error in the messenger, which is why Facebook claims you have a message.
There’s also a chance that you have unread messages in a different folder or group chat.
Another possibility might be that you’re looking at something on Facebook Marketplace or maybe you’re asking a customer to rate something there. Facebook saves those messages, and your messenger displays a notification.

Why does my messenger say I have a message but I don’t see one?

The Facebook mobile app bug that results in the unread message badge appearing is frequently brought on by those Facebook automatic reminders. The use of Facebook sentiments, feelings, and emotion icons contributes to this annoying problem.

Why can’t I see the message I sent on Messenger?

You can’t see the message that you sent on Messenger because there may be a glitch or bug in the internal app of Facebook. That glitch may prevent your messenger from displaying the message that you have sent.

How do I find unread message on Messenger?

You need to follow the below steps to get unread messages in Messenger:
1. Launch the Messenger app.
2. Click on your profile image.
3. Go “Message Request” option.
4. This section contains all of the unread messages and you can view them.

How do I get rid of the 1 on my Messenger icon?

If you have a “1” notification badge on your Messenger icon, it typically indicates that you have an unread message or a new notification in the Messenger app. To get rid of the “1” on the icon, you can follow these steps:
1. Open the Messenger app on your device.
2. Look for any unread messages or notifications within the app. These could be individual conversations or group chats.
3. Tap on the conversation or notification to read the message or acknowledge the notification.
4. Once you have read the message or checked the notification, the “1” badge on the Messenger icon should disappear.

How do I fix Messenger notifications?

If you’re experiencing issues with Messenger notifications, such as not receiving them or receiving them inconsistently, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the problem:
1. Check Notification Settings
2. Check Messenger Settings
3. Check Battery Optimization Settings
4. Clear Messenger Cache
5. Update the Messenger App
6. Restart Your Device
7. Check the Internet Connection

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‘Facebook says I have a message but I don’t, one of the most searched questions. Suppose your Facebook Messenger shows unread messages but when you search for them there are no messages. In that case, you can try different methods to fix it like Marking all messages as read, reinstalling messenger, checking message requests, and other methods which are discussed above.

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