Is Threads the End of the Twitter Era? Here’s What We Know About the New Twitter Rival

Another new challenge for Elon Musk’s owned Twitter that might be the end of Twitter has appeared with the launch of the “Threads” app. 

There’s a lot of buzz going on social media since the launch of the Threads app, and a huge number of people have started using it. According to Forbes, Threads has already gained 70 million users since its official launch. It was launched on 5th July 2023 by Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms.

Is Threads the End of the Twitter Era

What Is Threads All About?

The platform bears a striking resemblance to Twitter, featuring a feed primarily comprised of text-based posts. However, Threads goes beyond text and allows users to share photos and videos, fostering real-time conversations among its users. Even Musk has challenged Meta to a legal war after claiming that Threads is a definite copy of Twitter. Musk wrote in his latest tweet, “Competition is fine, cheating is not.”

Threads vs. TWITTER: Similarities and Differences

Even though it is another dupe of Twitter in the market, like Mastodon, Hive Social, and Blue Sky, Threads has a competitive edge. Meta’s extensive user base of over 3 billion across apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp makes it easier for existing users to transition. Threads provide a seamless experience for existing Instagram users by importing profile details and following lists.

Could Threads Really be the End of Twitter?

Twitter’s newly appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino, seemingly acknowledged the launch of the rival app in a recent tweet, emphasizing that while Twitter may be imitated, its unique community can never be replicated.

Despite currently lacking advertisements, Threads has the potential to complement Meta’s advertising business in the future. However, due to challenges in the online ad market and changes in app privacy practices, it is unlikely to generate ad revenue on the same scale as Meta’s other platforms, based on Twitter’s past experiences.

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