Android Has Significantly Caught Up to Apple

Android Has Significantly Caught Up to Apple

Soon Apple is going to lose its place as the only company which allows easy connections between multiple devices.

Google has launched its new feature in the market that will give tough competition to Apple. This feature makes switching between all your Android devices easier. For example, you can connect your smartphones, smart home appliances, headphones, and audio content from your car based on proximity.

This effort by Google is the next step forward to making the Android ecosystem more competent to Apple’s when it is related to connectivity between different devices. The way Apple devices allow each other to be easily connected and share content has made it a huge success in the tech business.

Google’s Media Notifications is an attempt to show consumers that all their devices do not have to belong to the same brand to be connected seamlessly.

It has not yet been announced when Google will launch this product but according to reports from Spotify and YouTube, music will be one of the first compatible apps with Media Notifications. Google’s vice president of engineering for Android, Erik Kay has been confident about this ongoing investment.

While describing the working of Media Notifications he mentioned that it will not require a UWB connectivity protocol that is popular in new smartphones over the past 3-4 years.

Google is competing with Apple’s ecosystem over connectivity. Its goal is to promote its own Pixel devices without keeping them exclusive.

The reason behind this is they are not trying to replicate Apple’s ecosystem but instead differentiating their product in the market. Kay believes that if you introduce such a feature in the market and make it exclusive to particular devices it’s not going to be successful.
Experts believe that accessories and features like these will play a crucial role in the future of smartphones.

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