How to Spam a Phone Number? –  Top 5 Ways

Everybody has pranked their friends once in their life, and the most common prank is spamming a phone number. With increased security and protocols in smartphones, it can be challenging sometimes to annoy your friends.

Are you interested in learning how to spam a phone number? Well, you have come to the right place, as this article teaches how to spam phone numbers with text messages and calls. You may swarm someone’s phone with calls or texts with just one click.

Make sure to read until the end to find out how to spam a phone number with calls and text messages. Let’s consider whether becoming a phone number spammer is possible. 

How to Spam a Phone Number

Is It Possible to Spam a Phone Number?

You are provided with several options when it comes to spamming a phone number of a person. Depending on who you are pranking, you may pick a benign, incredibly annoying, or childish way of pranking method. 

Google has since blocked the majority, if not all, of the apps that once let you spam phone numbers with texts and calls. However, it is still feasible to find these applications.

No matter what choice you make, remember to obey the law and avoid going too far. Remember that if you are trying to get revenge on someone who spammed your phone number, then it is better to call the police if the person spamming you was random. In simpler words, if someone is harassing you over calls then it is better to contact authorities instead of taking matter into your own hands.

How to Spam a Phone Number With Calls?

You have many options, but depending on what your victim has done, you might pick something innocent yet annoying and childish. 

There were apps that allowed you to send several “text bombs” before Google removed most of them from the play store. If you look closely enough, you can still locate them. Whatever you choose, keep it legal and avoid going too far out of your comfort zone. 

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Top 5 Ways to Spam a Phone Number

Down below, we have listed a few websites through which you can Spam phone numbers.


One study estimates that there will be over 45 billion robocalls in 2020. So, if you’re considering spamming the enemy, robocalls and Robotech are effective methods.

Best Pranking Websites

If you recently have just received a lot of calls from unknown numbers with a robotic voice, then you most likely have been pranked. You might be seeking revenge as a result. Let’s see how you can get your revenge. Down below are some listed websites that will get you your revenge. 

You can use these websites for both call and text spam.

  1. EasyPrank.Com

Easy prank is a fantastic website for making funny prank calls to your buddies. With this technique, it is not possible to spoof caller ID; an alias number must be used instead.

This is not to suggest that the website can’t be useful. Using this tool, you may quickly and conveniently phone your pals and play pranks on them. Therefore, this is a positive feature of the website. 

  1. BlowUpThePhone.Com

The best revenge prank we could locate is at Pranksters can target their friends with this evil scam and send them bulk texts from various phone lines. The website uses many arbitrary phone numbers to place texts and calls to your target. 

The best aspect is that your victim would have to prevent more than a hundred phone numbers from launching the attack.

You can continuously call or text someone’s phone for up to 24 hours. This is the finest approach to prank someone else when you must remain anonymous. You may even send a personalized message of your own. This website is only accessible in Canada and the United States and charges $2.19 for 20 SMS.

Since there is no free version of blowupthephone, you will definitely need to put in some physical labor if you want to blow up someone’s phone for free. However, if you’re willing to invest a little cash, this is probably your best bet.


The best website to display your goofy side to colleagues, coworkers, and family while maintaining your anonymity is Goofy Prank Calls. The fact that you have been bugging the victim is unknown to them. Choose from a wide selection of entertaining fake phone calls that are available online, and then easily share them with your friends.

You can also look at some strange facts you might not have known about. This website is among the best for prank calls, is simple to use, has clear IVR instructions, and contains odd windups. It distinguishes itself from the competition.

Its distinctive quality is that it gives you a different phone number to use in place of your own. Cool! Is it not? Choose a weird windup and email it to your friends to observe their reactions.


The fourth on the list is Playing pranks on your intended victims is far less hazardous on this website. This website allows you to send several “facts” on numerous animals, including cats and dogs, and commonplace items.

Choose the information you want to transmit and the number of copies you want your target to get, then sit back and watch them fumble as they do.


Using this website, you can bombard your victim with numerous spoof texts, spoof calls, or prank calls. It is among the most effective and convenient websites for this use. Additionally, it offers a virtual phone number that you can use in place of your own while making calls and sending texts.

This website also has an Android or Apple mobile app. By using a credit system, this spam website enables anyone to send prank texts to any phone number. You can build and launch a prank after spending or earning credits. It is accessible everywhere in the world.

Multiple accounts can be created for well-known messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram, and LINE. You don’t need a SIM card or a genuine phone. On any platform that requires SMS or phone verification, they have the resources necessary to validate users and set up accounts.


Like, this website enables you to send a lot of SMS and amusing random photos and text bombs. Two well-known pranks on this site are “Fake Craigslist phone prank” and “endless cat spam,” which essentially involve collecting phone numbers for spam texts.

This website is also paid; 20 SMS can be sent for $2.19. Only the United States and Canada have access to it.

A phone number can be registered on spam websites so that it can be flooded with SMS. Then, your victim would receive a string of messages from these websites. 


The seventh website to help you become a phone number spammer is Using this prank website, you may send anonymous texts to any number by entering the recipient’s phone number and the message. Although this website is free and accessible to everyone, messages can only be 300 characters long.


Through this website, you may send worldwide prank messages and fake your phone number. It has a few limitations but is free, accessible everywhere, and doesn’t require registration.

This website allows you to call someone to express your affection for them. You can track your buddies, and send fake SMS messages. Other features of this website include sending notifications through SMS, informing the authorities of any illegal activity, reporting any scam to management, etc.

  1. is the eighth website on our list that will help you to spam phone calls with text messages. This website’s goal is pretty similar to The sole distinction is that this one has a 155-character character restriction. Sadly, this website is exclusive to the United States.


Coming up ninth on our list is This website enables the anonymous sending of personalized SMS and jokes to any phone number. You must earn or buy credits to send messages longer than 160 characters on this site because it also employs a payment system.

It is possible to use this website from anywhere in the world, and it provides both free and paid choices.


Is it illegal to spam a phone number?

Anyone who transmits deceptive or erroneous caller ID information with the goal to deceive, cause serious harm, or get something of value is in violation of FCC laws. Anyone caught spoofing unlawfully may face legal consequences.

Does Iphone detect spam calls?

Your smartphone analyzes the caller’s phone number when you get a call and compares it to the list of numbers in your third-party spam applications. If a match is found, iOS displays the app’s designated identifying label.


So in this article, we learn how to become a phone number spammer, whether that is for pranking a close friend, getting revenge for something, or just annoying your friends in general. So how to spam a phone number with texts and calls? Many websites will spam phone numbers with messages and calls, which we have already listed in this article.

Remember that if your phone number was spammed with texts and calls from a random stranger, then it is the best approach to reach out to the police and get this matter solved immediately.

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