Apple Reveals New Efforts for Education and Awareness on Data Privacy Day – 2023

Apple Reveals New Efforts for Education

On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, Apple has initiated a set of new educational resources to help its users take hold of their data.

In an effort to maintain its position as the privacy leader in the market, Apple has launched the Today at Apple session. For this awareness drive, Apple has partnered with Apple TV and Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed. Considering the ongoing rise of threats to user privacy and data security, this session provides valuable information to educate users about how to protect their data.

“Taking Charge of Your Privacy on iPhone” will begin on Saturday, the 28. This session will discuss features like Mail Privacy Protection, passkeys, Safety Checks, and Location Services. It will be very useful for attendees as they will learn how to customize their preferences using these feature settings.

What’s great about this initiative is that it is a free 30-minute session that will be available worldwide at Apple store locations.  Anyone can sign up for this session at their local Apple store by registering through this link

Apple’s senior director of Retail Engagement and Marketing, Tracey Hannelly, claims that these sessions are launched to spark creativity among their users and enable them to get the most out of Apple’s products. 

Innovative privacy solutions included in Apple services and products aim to reduce the amount of user data accessible to everyone. Every aspect of Apple’s services and products—from the minute customers unlock their devices to each time they use an app—is designed with privacy in mind. 

Apple users now have greater choices and control over their personal information because of the company’s dedication to openness, control, and privacy-protecting improvements across its technology. Teams across Apple are advancing this effort on Data Privacy Day through Today at Apple. Hopefully, this initiative will be a huge success for Apple.

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