How Does Snap Score Go Up? – 2024

Just Like other social media apps Snapchat also has a devoted fan following that keeps the app ranked high on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Snapchat comes up with a lot of interesting filters and features to attract new users and retain the existing ones. Similarly, Snapchat’s team provides new features regularly to keep its users engaged. One of these amazing features is the Snapchat score. There are different methods for increasing this Score, but can Snapchat score go up without opening snaps?

Can Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps

Your Snapchat score is one of the key variables in deciding your account age, usage, and fame level. The more you have a Snapchat score the more it shows how much consistent you are while using the Snapchat app

If you are a new user of Snap chat then you may be wondering whether Snapchat’s score goes up without opening snaps. Yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about Snapchat scores.

How Does Snapchat Score Work

Your Snapchat score is found just beside your username. This small number represents your activity on the application. Everyone can see their Snapchat score by just searching for their username. If you make your Snapchat id private then friends that you add on Snapchat can see your score, and you can see their scores as well.

So, here comes the question of how the Snapchat score works and on what factors it depends.

Snapchat keeps the Snap score-calculating criteria private but mostly it depends on the number of snaps you send and receive from Snapchat friends. Every time you send and receive a snap from someone Snapchat adds one point to your snap score.

This means that to increase your snap score, you must open every snap you get. Unopened snaps will keep your score still until you see them.

So if you want to move your Snapchat score fast then you must send and receive snaps regularly. Uploading stories and watching the stories of your friends.

Can Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps? 

But if you are wondering whether your score goes up without opening snaps then there is a possibility that you keep sending snaps to other people without opening their snaps. You will get a point when your friend receives a snap from you.

However, if you were the recipient and did not open Snapchat, your Snap score will not increase.

Despite of that you don’t open Snapchat and send a couple of snaps to your buddies before closing the app. Your snap score will go up continuously.

Even if you don’t open other users’ snaps, all these points contribute to your overall Snapchat score.

How can you Hide Your Snap Score?

Some people have a problem that their Snap Score being visible to everyone. They have privacy concerns that everyone can see their Snapchat usage history or snap score.

Snapchat hasn’t introduced a feature yet that allows you to hide your Snapchat score. But you can unfriend, remove, and block the user with whom you don’t want to share the Snapchat score.

Moreover, You can adjust your profile visibility settings and only allow your Snapchat friends to search your username and see your Snapchat score.

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How To Make Your Snap Score Go Up

1. Send and Receive the Snap

Snapscore will increase when you make an image or video using Snapchat filters and then send it to other users on Snapchat. Similarly, when you receive a snap from someone and you open the snap, your snap score increases by one point.

2. Uploading Snapchat Stories

Its also been found that when you post a couple of stories on Snapchat score goes up. So you need to post the maximum number of stories to increase the Snapchat score.

3. Send Streaks on Snapchat 

If you frequently use Snapchat, you undoubtedly have a friend that you can constantly snap with various filters and effects.

By sharing pictures every day, you may maintain a lengthy conversation. Your snap score also goes up very quickly if you do this.

4. Login After Sometime

If you haven’t used Snapchat for some time and you return to your account and send a snap to your buddies, you may be awarded some additional points.

With that, you get a good jump in your overall Snapchat score and you will continue increasing your score by sending a snap.

5. Add More Friends on Snapchat

Your Snapchat score also goes up when you add new friends on Snapchat. By adding new friends the snaps you receive or send also go up. Eventually, the snap score also increases.

How to Find Someone’s Snap Score

The good thing about the snap score is how transparent it is. Any user can view your score, and you can see anybody else’s score.

Go to the chat screen of the person whose snap score you wish to examine.

Then, in the upper left corner, touch on the profile icon or Bitmoji to see their public profile. Their snap code and snap score will be shown under their username.

Does Snapscore Go Up By Using Group Chat?

Group conversations might help you improve your Snapchat score. You may earn points when each member of the group sends and receives a snap.

But note that the snap score will not increase when you send a text message. It only increases in case every member of the group contributes by sharing the snaps in the group chat.

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How to Make Your Snap Score Go Up?

You can increase Snapscore by following the below steps
1. Send and Receive the Snap
2. Uploading Snapchat Stories
3. Send Streaks on Snapchat 
4. Login After Sometime
5. Add More Friends on Snapchat

Does Snapscore also decrease?

No, Snapscore does not decrease. It only increases when you send or receive snaps.

How can I find someone else’s snap score?

You can see the other personally only if they make it public. All you need is to go to his profile by writing the username in the search bar. Click on the circle or Bitmoji in the upper right corner. Snapscore is shown on the side of the username.

Does your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps?

No, Snap Score only increases when you open the snap that you have received. Another possibility is you keep sending snaps to your friends without opening their snaps.

When Does Your Snap Score Go Up?

When you send or receive snaps from your friends and post stories on Snapchat, Your Snap score will go up. To increase your snap score quickly you have to maintain a snap streak and post stories on a regular basis.

Can your Snap Score Increase By Itself?

No, Your snap score will not increase by itself, you have to post stories and send and receive the snaps regularly in order to increase your snap score.

Does Opening Snaps Increase Your Score?

Yes, you will get snap points if you open the snaps that you receive from your friends.

Can Someone’s Snap Score Go Up If they Aren’t Active?

No, your Snap score will not move if you are not active on Snapchat. Snapchat score remains still if you are sending and receiving the snaps.


Snapchat creates ways of engaging its users on the app, and Snapscore is also one of its methods of keeping users on the app so they can play around and send snaps to their connections.

Your Snapchat score can increase without opening any snaps in case only if you are sending the snaps regularly. Snpascore increases because the other user receives your Snap.

To maintain your high score, you must continue to use the app and open the snaps that you receive from friends.

However, if you want to increase your snap score fastly then you need to use the app regularly.

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