Dubai Escapade: Experiencing the Mercedes G63 on a Leisurely Test Drive

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If you’re a car enthusiast, you will agree that for decades, the Mercedes G-Class has maintained its reputation as a symbol of sophistication and power. However, it is the G63 that has been the pinnacle of automotive excellence capturing the essence of luxury with its distinctive design and unwavering performance.

And, there isn’t a better place to experience the Mercedes G63 on a leisurely test drive than Dubai, the city where opulence blends with innovation. Whether you’re only seeking a G63 rental Dubai, the city guarantees a leisurely test drive that transcends the ordinary.

How long should the Test Drive be?

If you’re willing to rent a Mercedes G63 for a few days or for an important event, a key question you will want to get right is if you can have it for a test drive and how long should a test drive be. If that’s something you’re already struggling to find answers for, here’s a good one.

The ideal test drive duration when renting a car varies. However, it generally lasts a typical 15–30 minutes. To genuinely assess a vehicle’s performance, comfort, and handling, aim for at least 30 minutes. This is important as you will want to explore diverse terrains – highways, city streets, and rough roads – to gauge adaptability.

Depending on the car rental agency you’re working with, you may be offered extended test drives for you to get an immersive experience. During the test drive, be sure to evaluate key factors like acceleration, braking, maneuverability, and overall comfort during the extended test drive.

Which is the Best Drive Road in Dubai?

To get the best driving experience when test-driving a Mercedes G63, you will without a doubt need to find the best route. On the right path, you will be rest assured that you will in the end have explored the vehicle’s comfort, handling, and power in varied conditions. Without hesitation, here are some of the best driving roads to test your Mercedes G63 for rent:

  • Hatta, Hajar Mountains: This is a short but quite thrilling 10-kilometer stretch that presents not just sharp curves, but also elevation changes, and challenging conditions. The route has smooth pavement which invites excitement and offers the exhilarating drive you need for a perfect leisurely drive. But it isn’t just about the landscape. This route is dotted with beautiful lakes, several vibrant spots, and luxurious resorts waiting to be explored.
  • Rub Al Khali – The Empty Quarter: Now, there are no roads that cross this vast desert. However, what makes it an exciting spot to test your Mercedes G63 for rent is the fact that it is more of a playground for off-road 4×4 adventures. It is dotted with enormous sand dunes to add more excitement for thrilling drives, camping, and exhilarating races. For many drivers who have used this route, it offers a unique experience with mesmerizing sights and colors.
  • Jebel Al Jais, Ras Al Khaimah: This is for those who are not scared of heights (pun intended). Climb UAE’s highest peak through a stunning mountain road. This challenging route presents several bends and sharp turns so it demands absolute focus when on the road. A highlight near the Oman border, though undeveloped, features the world’s longest zip line – the Jebel Jais zipline.
  • Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain: This route is quite recognizable from films and car photoshoots, and rightfully, so. This route on UAE’s second-highest mountain boasts 7.3 miles of smooth asphalt and delightful curves. Popular yet less perilous than others, the Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain route offers blissful driving experiences.
  • Liwa Desert: This desert route is located in the south of Abu Dhabi. It combines vastness with a paved road that is suitable for passenger vehicles but also offers a unique experience for a G63 on a leisurely drive. Enjoy the scenery of sand dunes and palm trees leading to the luxurious Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort. (And by the way), this setting should be familiar to you if you’re a Star Wars enthusiast.
  • Khasab, Musandam: Venture further north for a hidden gem featuring a short mountain road near Jebel Al Jais. Revel in stunning views of Rocky Mountains on one side and the mesmerizing turquoise waters of the Strait of Hormuz on the other.
  • Dubai Autodrome: This track is designed as a motorsport facility. So, it certainly offers a different kind of driving experience. Combining challenging twists, turns, and straights, this track provides a perfect opportunity to push the G63 to its limits in a controlled environment. It’s the perfect setting to test the car’s performance, handling, and agility before you finally put pen to paper signing your car rental agreement.

Closing Thoughts

A leisurely test drive isn’t just about the car. The routes matter too — and greatly. So be sure to choose a favorite route. And don’t rush, take time to compare routes and choose the best one.

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