Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack for Your Car Journey

A car journey is a unique and interesting experience that everyone should try at least once. It is on a long car trip, filled with adventure and new impressions, that we discover the joys of sharing time with friends and family. 

To explore new countries, their non-touristy ways, and authentic life, you can order a car rental at But remember that for any auto travel, you should plan the trip in the beginning and pick up the most important things. They may help you to manage any unexpected situation on the road and make your voyage as comfortable as possible.

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A kit of documents and cash

Depending on the country you choose for your trip, the set of documents may differ, but here is a basic list:

  • passports and visas;
  • driver’s licenses (preferably for all travelers);
  • car documents or car rental contract;
  • car insurance and medical insurance of passengers.

Separately, you should prepare scanned copies of all documents and keep them with someone on the trip or in your baggage. It will also be useful to upload photocopies of the documents to a cloud storage system, which will be accessible to all those who are going on the trip, as a special document on a digital disk save the contact numbers of all services, embassies, evacuation agencies, and emergency repair shops.

And don’t forget your cash wallet. If you are going to a country where a different currency is used, exchange some of the money in advance.


First aid kit and hygiene products

The medicine cabinet box takes up very little space in the car, so it is better not to ignore it. Of course, every car, including rented cars, has a special first aid kit. But for a long trip, it is worth adding additional medicines to the basic set. 

In addition to antiseptics, antipyretics, analgesics, antitoxins, and anti-allergic drugs, on travel can be a useful product for motion sickness, insect repellent, and sunscreen. 

From hygiene equipment, it is better to have a toothbrush with toothpaste, wet and dry wipes, and feminine hygiene products.

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Car equipment and tools

The worst thing that can spoil an adventure is an unexpected automobile breaking down. It is not so bad if it happens in some villages, but according to the law of bad luck, such cases happen to travelers on the roads, far from service stations. Before traveling, of course, you should check the technical state of your car. But it is better to take with you a pack of necessary tools to be able to quickly solve the problem and get to the closest mechanic.

Basic auto equipment of a traveler:

  • Tire repair kit;
  • Auxiliary start cables;
  • Set of spare fluids;
  • Set of spare bulbs for headlights;
  • Gasoline canister;
  • Towing rope;
  • Emergency stop sign and reflective vest.
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Gadgets and chargers

Today, the smartphone is becoming the best navigator on road trips. Install navigation apps in advance, view routes, save points of interest, and download a pack of offline maps. Be sure to take a charging device. And even if your car is equipped with USB and Type-C connectors, you should always take some portable mobile power banks

Passengers can choose to take headphones, e-books, and tablets to keep them entertained on the road.

Food, snacks, and drinking water

You have to pack some food for the road. Even if you make detailed plans for your road trip, reserve hotels and choose which eateries you will stop for lunch. Sometimes there may be delays or the place you have chosen may be closed. For such unexpected cases, it is better to have in the car a set of single-use dishes and a fridge bag with a reserve of simple but fresh food and drinks for all passengers. Well, snacks, nuts, and sweets will be useful in any case for a light lunch. And make a reserve of drinking water.


What other little necessities can make the trip more convenient?

To make your auto journey more comfortable and safe, you will also need other important small items: sunglasses, a flashlight, a folding knife, tape, a raincoat, a paper map, and others.

Put in a separate backpack what you think you need on the highway and let all your trips go accident-free and make you happy!

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