Why Instagram Links Not Working – 10 Important Reasons & Fixes 2023

Nothing makes us angrier when a link doesn’t work. Especially if you’re a seasoned influencer, a business owner, or a casual user, and your Instagram links not working. It can be a problem if you regularly use social media for work or personal purposes.

But here we have several solutions to fix these issues if your Instagram links don’t work as planned.  First, we will talk about why are Instagram links not working issue occurs.

Why Instagram Links Not Working

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working?

There could be various reasons why Instagram links not working. Here are some of the most typical causes of this problem:

1- Technical Issues

Instagram, like any other platform, can occasionally have technical issues. These flaws may temporarily impair link operation.

2- Incorrect URL 

Entering an incorrect URL is a simple but standard error. Even minor typographical errors can cause a link to fail.

3- Account Privacy Settings 

If your Instagram account is set to private, those who do not follow you may be unable to see your posts. This may result in links not working for individuals who are not on your list of followers.

4- Expiry of Links

Some links particularly those generated by URL shorteners or other third-party websites, may have expiration dates. It will not work if the link has expired.

5- Broken Links 

If the webpage or material you’re linked to is no longer available or its URL has changed, the link on Instagram will no longer function.

6- Spam Filters 

Instagram has spam filters built in that may block certain links if they are detected as suspicious or potentially harmful.

7- Network Issues

Slow internet connections or network issues can cause links to load slowly or fail to load at all.

8- App or Browser Cache 

Cache data in the Instagram app or your web browser can occasionally cause link difficulties. Clearing the cache may assist in resolving this.

9- Account Restrictions 

Instagram has the right to suspend accounts that breach its terms of service. If your account is restricted, the functionality of links and other services may be impacted.

10- Upgrades and Bugs 

App upgrades or faults in the Instagram system can sometimes cause link-related issues. Keeping your app up to date can assist in mitigating these problems.

Identifying the particular source of your Instagram link issue is needed to determine the best solution. To resolve the underlying issue, you have to follow different measures.

How to Fix Links Not Working On Instagram?

If you’re having problems with links not working on Instagram, use these steps to pinpoint and fix the issue:

Test the Link on a Different Platform

To check that the link is working properly, try sharing it on another social media network or messaging app. If it works there but not on Instagram, the problem may be particular to Instagram.

Check for App Permissions 

Make sure the Instagram app has the required internet access rights on mobile devices. Go to your device’s settings, locate the Instagram app, and ensure it has permission to use mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Instagram Glitches 

Instagram occasionally experiences momentary glitches or server difficulties. If the problem appears to be widespread and others are reporting it, it is most certainly a platform-wide issue. In such circumstances, you may need to wait for Instagram to rectify the issue.

Recreate the Link 

If you suspect the link is the source of the issue, try recreating it. Without utilizing any URL shorteners or third-party link providers, copy the URL from the source and paste it directly into your Instagram post or profile.

Use the Swipe-Up Function (if eligible) 

If you have a business or creator account and match the eligibility conditions, you can add links to Instagram Stories by using the Swipe-Up function. You can share links directly from your Stories using this functionality.

Check for Faulty Redirects 

If you’re linked to another website, make sure there are no faulty redirects. This occurs when a website URL redirects to a non-functional URL. Check that the final destination URL is correct.

Report the Issue to Instagram 

If none of the preceding alternatives work and you suspect the problem is with Instagram, consider reporting it to Instagram’s support or through the app’s Help Center. 

Consider Using Instagram’s Link in Bio Feature 

Using Instagram’s Link in Bio function, you can put several URLs in a bio link service, such as Linktree. 

Stay Informed 

Check Instagram’s official blog or social media platforms for any announcements or updates on link difficulties. Instagram may give public information regarding recognized problems and their solutions.

Remember that Instagram’s regulations and features are subject to change and that some difficulties may be beyond your control. When dealing with technological issues on social media sites, patience and effort in troubleshooting are key.

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Why Are Instagram Bio Links Not Working?

Not being able to access Instagram bio links can be a frustrating experience for users, especially for businesses, influencers, and content creators who rely on these connections to drive traffic and interaction. When these links fail, it can throw off marketing efforts and make it difficult to communicate crucial content or items. 

Users frequently experience Instagram bio links not working problems as a result of faulty URL formatting, account privacy settings, or platform technical faults. It is critical to keep bio links up to date and ensure they redirect to valid destinations. Regular app upgrades and staying up to date on Instagram’s policies will help reduce these issues and provide a more seamless online experience.


Why are Instagram links not working 2023?

If Instagram links are not working for you, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:
1. Check your Internet Connection
2. Update the Instagram App
3. Restart the App
4. Clear App Cache and Data
5. Try a Different Network
6. Check for Outages

Why does my Instagram link say page not found?

If your Instagram link is displaying a “Page Not Found” error, it could be due to several reasons. Here are some common causes
1. You may have entered the incorrect URL
2. The account associated with the link has been deleted or deactivated
3. Instagram may remove or restrict certain content for violating their Community Guidelines
4. The account owner may change their username or URL after you receive the link

How do I enable links on Instagram?

The Best way to add them to Instagram is by adding the links in the bio To add links in the bio follow the below steps:
1. Open the Instagram app.
2. Go to your profile by tapping your profile picture in the bottom right.
Tap “Edit Profile.”
3. In the “Website” field, enter the URL you want to link to.
4. Tap “Done” or “Save” to save your changes.

Is Instagram blocking links?

Instagram blocks those that they find as spam or many people report that link. They will not accept connections to explicit websites. They are filtering links that appear on several accounts in a short period of time.


When Instagram links stop working, users who want to optimize their visibility on this dynamic social media site face considerable hurdles. However, these issues become solvable when tackled with complete awareness of potential causes and effective troubleshooting techniques. 

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