How to Find Deleted Tweets on Twitter? – Step By Step Guide 2023

Twitter is a daily part of many social media users’ lives. Twitter enables us to maintain a real-time connection with the world by allowing us to share our ideas and follow our favorite celebrities. What transpires if a tweet we liked or wrote is removed? Losing track of these tweets can be annoying.

Recovering deleted tweets from Twitter is not so difficult. In this post, we’ll learn how to find deleted tweets on Twitter. Whether you’re an individual user looking to recover your own deleted tweets or a social media manager needing to monitor your company’s Twitter activity, our guide will make your task easy.

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Importance of Twitter in Our Daily Lives

Twitter is one of the most popular social media tools and has a great hold on our daily lives as a medium for communication, engagement, and information sharing. With millions of people utilizing it daily to remain updated on the newest events and trends, it has become a potent tool for communication, entertainment, and news transmission.

Twitter offers real-time updates on current events and has also revolutionized how we consume news and information. People can now access various viewpoints and interact with professionals, influencers, and thought leaders worldwide.

Twitter has developed into a forum for companies, groups, and public personalities to interact with their followers, develop their brands, and advertise their goods and services. It has created a channel for open dialogue with consumers, enabling firms to enhance customer service and foster brand loyalty. Now let’s talk about how to find deleted tweets on Twitter.

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How to Find Deleted Tweets From Someone Else?

On Twitter, there are various ways to locate deleted tweets. Here are a few tried-and-tested ways to find deleted tweets from someone else:

1. Twitter Search

Using Twitter’s own search feature is one of the simplest ways to locate a deleted tweet. Simply enter the user name of the person who posted the tweet and any pertinent hashtags or keywords used. The search engine for Twitter may still have a cache of a recently removed tweet.

2. Third-Party Apps

Various third-party programs are available that can assist you in locating deleted tweets. Wayback Machine, Twitter Archive, and TweetDeleter are a few well-liked choices. You may use these tools to look up deleted tweets using a username, keyword, or hashtag.

The following third-party Twitter apps can help you access deleted tweets:

  • Wayback Machine Twitter: You can view snapshots of online pages at various moments using the Wayback Machine Twitter. It is a digital internet archive. By entering the URL of the user’s Twitter profile and choosing a date period, you can see their deleted tweets on Twitter.
  • Twitter Archive: With the help of the Twitter Archive tool, you can download all of your tweets, even those that have been removed. You just need to sign in to Twitter, request your archive, and download the ZIP file.
  • Tweet Deleter: You can also find deleted tweets using the premium service TweetDeleter, which also offers a feature for searching for tweets. You can look up deleted tweets by using a keyword, username, or hashtag search. You can also set up automatic searches to keep an eye out for deletions in the future.
  • Social Bearing: You can use the free application Social Bearing to look for deleted tweets using a term, username, or hashtag. Additionally, it offers Twitter activity data, including user engagement and sentiment analysis.
  • Twipu: Twipu is a program that lets you remove and search for previously deleted tweets. Using a username, term, hashtag, or date range, Twipu will let you find deleted tweets.

It’s crucial to remember that third-party apps could have restrictions and might be unable to recover every deleted tweet. Additionally, some third-party apps could need access to your Twitter account, so thoroughly read the terms and conditions before using them.

3. Google Search

If the deleted tweet contains significant information or was shared widely, Google’s search engine may have indexed it. Simply add “” to the search query after entering the pertinent keywords or hashtags linked with the tweet. By doing this, you can only find results for Twitter.

4. Request Twitter Data

You can ask Twitter to send you a copy of your account data if you are the owner of the deleted tweet or a verified account holder. All of your tweets, even those that were deleted, will be included in this.

5. Contact the User

If you are familiar with the user who submitted the deleted tweet, you can contact them and inquire whether they still have a copy of it. They could have taken a screenshot or kept a backup copy of the tweet on another platform.

You can improve your chances of discovering deleted tweets on Twitter by utilizing these techniques. It’s crucial to remember that not all deleted tweets can be recovered, and some can be permanently lost.

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How to Recover Deleted Twitter Pictures?

Tweets can be text, images, videos, or any mix of these. As a result, all of the ways above for recovering deleted Tweets will also work for locating deleted Twitter images and videos.


Are Deleted Tweets Permanently Removed?

Deleted tweets are not completely erased forever. Twitter maintains a copy of every tweet on its servers, even after it has been deleted by the user. This is done for a number of reasons, such as to comply with legal requirements or to prevent abuse on the platform.
You can find the deleted tweets by following the above methods in this article.

Does Twitter save all searches?

Twitter keeps a copy of every tweet and search on its servers, even if the user deletes it. This is done for a variety of reasons, including legal compliance and preventing platform abuse.

Does Twitter keep tweets from deleted accounts?

Twitter keeps tweets from deleted accounts for a certain period of time, but eventually, they are also removed from their servers. According to Twitter’s Privacy Policy, when a user deactivates their account, their tweets will no longer be visible on the platform, but Twitter may retain a copy of their information for a limited period of time.


Finding deleted tweets on Twitter might be difficult, but several ways exist to get them back. Whether you use the built-in search feature on Twitter, third-party applications, Google search, or ask for your Twitter data, it’s essential to know each approach’s restrictions and potential hazards. 

The importance of Twitter in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. Thanks to it, millions of individuals have a voice, and they can now share their ideas and opinions on a range of topics. Offering real-time updates on events as they happen has also revolutionized how we consume news and information.

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