iPhone XS Strange Brigade Background – Complete Guide – Updated 2023

Are you looking for some good iPhone Xs strange brigade wallpapers? Using a screenshot of your existing background as your new background is one approach. But there are other options to enable iPhone xs strange brigade background as well which we are going to discuss in this article.

You can choose a photo from your phone or social media account and use it as your new background. You can either snap a screenshot or save a particular photo to your phone’s gallery if you wish to use it. Keep reading to find out about the best iPhone Xs strange brigade backgrounds.

iPhone XS Strange Brigade Background

About Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade is a third-person shooter game in which the player assumes the character of an explorer in the 1930s, and they can work together with three other players to battle various mythological foes like mummies, enormous scorpions, and minotaurs. There are four customizable playable characters in the game and each of them has a unique set of tools and skills. Players have access to a sizable armory of weaponry.

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iPhone Xs Strange Brigade Background

Due to its adequate screen size, the iPhone xs is the ideal phone for Strange Brigade. The game looks fantastic on a big screen. The colors and images on the screen look very clear and consistent. This phone is a wonderful choice for playing Strange Brigade.

If you’re seeking the ideal Strange Brigade wallpaper then, just like the Pixel 3XL Strange Brigade, the iPhone XS will be a great device to rock it. This phone’s backdrops are among the greatest in the game. Here’s how to set your iPhone XS’s Strange Brigade background to the best effect.

iPhone Xs Strange Brigade Background – How To Install?

So now let us talk about installing iPhone xs strange brigade wallpapers. The Strange Brigade wallpaper is available for free to download and install from the App Store. This minimalistic yet fashionable wallpaper looks excellent on any device and is a wonderful addition to your new iPhone XS. Follow these easy steps to download and set up the wallpaper:

  1. Connect your phone to the internet.
  2. Go to App Store on your iPhone.
  3. Search “Strange Brigade” and download it.
  4. To browse all of the available Wallpapers, go to the “Backgrounds” option after the app
  5. has successfully been installed.
  6. Find “Strange Brigade” by scrolling down and tapping on it to download and set up the wallpaper.

This will help you add the iPhone Xs strange brigade image as your wallpaper. In addition to this, we have listed some apps through which you can browse from a big category of wallpapers for your iPhone device.

Video Guide on Best Wallpapers of iPhone XS

Top 3 Apps to Download Wallpapers for Your iPhone

As you can also use some other apps to download wallpapers on your iPhone, we have a list of the three best ones:

  1. Everpix

You can download the Everpix app if you’re looking for interesting iPhone backgrounds in 4K. This app will provide you with more than 4000 wallpapers for now. Their collection is continuously updated.

You can browse the categories and select the ideal wallpaper from them. For all the recent iPhone series including 12, 13, and 14 as well as for previous iPhones like X and 11, you will find some of the best wallpapers. Moreover, all the images displayed in the application are of high-resolution quality.

In addition to giving you a wide range of alternatives for your preferred backdrop, Vellum’s method of displaying wallpapers is aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Vellum

This wallpaper software contains hundreds of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, visualizations, and more. The app’s Daily Wallpaper function is unique and highly recommended because it offers a fresh image each day and won’t let you down.

  1. Kappboom

The iOS app Kappboom offers a lot more than just wallpapers. Cool information, well-known quotes, and drink recipes are available. With the app’s included editor, you can edit photographs and create collages.


What is the best free wallpaper app for the iPhone Xs strange brigade?

These are the apps that provide quality wallpapers for your iPhone xs strange brigade
1. Vellum
2. Zedge
3. Kappboom
4. Everpix

How to enable iPhone Xs strange brigade background?

To enable this you need to follow the below steps
1. Connect your mobile device to the internet.
2. Navigate to the Apple Store on your iPhone.
3. Search the “Strange Brigade” app and install the app on your iPhone.
4. After the app has been successfully installed, navigate to the “Backgrounds” option to view all of the available Wallpaper.
5. Scroll down and tap on “Strange Brigade” to download and set up the wallpaper.


If you have just switched to the iPhone Xs and are looking for iPhone Xs strange brigade wallpapers then there are many ways to get iPhone xs strange brigade images and wallpapers. The iPhone Xs is a great phone for playing Strange Brigade due to its big screen and other pleasing features. You can either use some apps to download these wallpapers or download them free from the App store.

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