How to Download Gamepigeon for Android – All You Need to Know 2024

The two most widely used mobile platforms worldwide are iOS and Android. Many games are accessible on both platforms, while some are restricted to just one or the other. So, is GamePigeon compatible with both Android and iPhone? 

No, it’s not. You can only use an iPhone or iPad to play GamePigeon because it is an iOS-only app. On the other hand, iOS and Android devices let you play many other fantastic multiplayer games.

gamepigeon for android

What Is GamePigeon?

Game Pigeon is one of the most well-liked mobile games. Game Pigeon is playable in multiplayer mode and can be downloaded only for iOS devices. Mobile phone developers have produced thousands of games that may be played on many platforms. But game pigeon is not one of those. 

To download and install GamePigeon for android devices, you must follow the instructions in this article. Verify that the Terminal is set to run in the background on your computer. This will allow you to connect to other networks.

GamePigeon can’t be installed natively on Android because it is just an iMessage extension. Instead of using an Apple ID, you enter an email address when creating a password. 

Some Android games from Game Pigeon include HAGO, Plato, Bunch, Top Top, Yubo, Tiya, Partying, and Sociable.

Is Game Pigeon on Android?

Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, download game pigeon if you want to play it on your smartphone, you can play the multiplayer game Game Pigeon with your pals. But Gamepigeon for Android is not yet available. 

A lot of research was done before the solution for android users could be found. I will give you the instructions and walk you through the drawn-out, tiresome process of installing it on your Android device. The hard work will have been worthwhile once you have access to the app and have used it.

How Can I Make Game Pigeon Run On Android?

A macOS computer is required to play the iMessage game on Android. iMessage is currently only compatible with iOS and macOS; it is not yet available for Android. However, you can play the game pigeon android to iPhone/ios by following the steps below.

Required Things:

  • An account for iMessage.
  • A Mac with Yosemite (10.10) or a later version.
  • Java 7 or Newer on an Android Device Running Lollipop (5.0) or Newer.

However, ensure you’ve already backed up your data before proceeding with the following steps. The game is not yet made official for Android users, so it may draw in some risk factors.

How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

  • First, download the Java Development Kit 7 or Higher on your mac. 
  • Keep in mind to download the latest macOS version of Java.
  • Install the Java Development Kit on your mac.
  • Then you will have to add the Terminal app to your Accessibility tab.
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Select System Preferences > Security & Privacy

Under Applications, Utilities, Terminal, select Accessibility, and then click Add (+) Terminal. When finished, the Terminal will be added to the list of accessibility features.

  • You will be prompted to enter your password and iMessage email during the initial launch. The moment you type it, weMessage will launch.
  • Navigate to the weMessage app on your Android device while the weMessage is active.
  • Enter the identical values set on your weMessage to log into weMessage on Android. Observe the guidance provided on the app’s screen.
  • Your device should connect to MacOS once it is finished.
  • With the iOS game pigeon request, receiving text messages is now simple.

5 Total Steps

  1. On your Mac, download and install the Java Development Kit.
  2. To your Accessibility tab, add the Terminal app.
  3. On your Mac, download and install the weMessage app.
  4. Install the weMessage app on your Android by downloading it.
  5. To create the connection, provide identical credentials on both.

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Game Pigeon Android Alternatives

  1. BombSquad

A game that is best played with numerous buddies is Bomb Squad. It’s an exciting party game in an arcade style where you can compete against other players by punching, throwing, and bombing your way. Capture-the-Flag, King-of-the-Hill, Bomber-Hockey, and Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination are just a few of the fun mini-games included.

  1. PUBG

A game that is very famous worldwide is Player Unknowns Battleground, also known as PUBG. With your friends or even members of your family, you can enjoy this game wherever you are. You’ll definitely make it to the end and reach your goal with just involvement. The game is really exhilarating when you and your team make it to the end together.

  1. Chess

Another excellent game you may play with your buddies to improve your strategy-making skills is “Chess – Play and Learn.” Here, you can play games and make new friends while chatting. With thousands of other gamers, you can even participate in many tournaments.

  1. Plato

The fantastic texting software Plato includes a tonne of games that you can play with your pals directly from the chat window. With no interruptions, you can play games with your pals in groups here. Along with skill-based games like Chess, Bounce, Pool, and Sea Battle, it offers a variety of chance-based games, including Ludo, Ocho, and Bingo.

  1. Telegram X

This texting app is accessible on iOS and Android devices. So, indeed, you could connect with your pals who use Apple products using this app. On it, you can exchange audio and video files and send messages.

The best feature of this program is that, like Game Pigeon, it has several games built right in.

The games would need to be downloaded separately. This is the pigeon game at its best, in general. However, it is a unique software, and iOS and Android users can use it.

  1. 8 Ball Pool

You can play the free online game 8-Ball Pool in two-player mode versus artificial intelligence. The game will make you feel natural when you play, and the greatest thing is that it is totally free!

It is a great game for passing the time and has good playing mechanics.

  1. Facebook

There is no need to introduce this app. This social media app is used by or downloaded by practically everyone.

Messages can be shared either publicly or privately. However, Facebook has lately released several games for its app, and you may now access them. additionally for users of iOS and Android. I would strongly advise downloading this app.


Can you play game Pigeon between iPhone and Android ?

No, You cannot play gamepigeon between iPhone and android because GamePigeon is essentially an extension of iMessage, it is notcompatible with Android.

Can Game Pigeon Be Played Alone?

This question has no right or incorrect answer because it is entirely a matter of personal preference. Some people like to play Game Pigeon alone since it gives them a chance to unwind and concentrate solely on the game.
Others find it more enjoyable and interactive to play with friends or family. The choice to play alone or with other players is ultimately up to each individual participant.


Many people are asking, Is Gamepigeon for android available? As a result of this article, you may now play games on GamePigeon with your family and friends without any problems. Make sure you carry out all the instructions in the correct succession if you want to download and play Gamepigeon for android smartphones. 

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