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Do you want to know what does cancelled call means? Everybody experiences a cancelled call many times in their lifetime. Whether it’s a last-minute change of plans, technological difficulties, or unforeseen interruptions, knowing how to handle cancelled conversations can significantly impact your communication experience. 

In this post, we’ll look at canceled call meaning, the most prevalent reasons for cancellations and offer tips on how to deal with them efficiently. So, let us find out ‘What does cancelled call mean on iPhone?’

What Does Cancelled Call Mean

What Does Cancelled Call Mean on iPhone?

A cancelled call iPhone is a phone call that was purposely terminated by either the caller or the recipient before the conversation could begin. It can happen if the individual initiating the call hangs up before the call is answered or if the person receiving the call declines or dismisses the incoming call. 

The call can be canceled for many reasons, including the caller changing their mind, an inadvertent call, or the recipient being unavailable or unwilling to answer the call.

When you cancel a call on an iPhone, the device’s screen usually displays a message that the call has been terminated. The cancelled call iPhone will also be reflected in the call log or recent calls list, usually with an icon or label indicating that it was not connected or finished.

Difference Between Outgoing Calls and Cancelled Calls iPhone

The primary distinction between an incoming call and a cancelled call on an iPhone is in their results and objectives.

An outgoing call on an iPhone is one that the user initiates. It happens when a user dials a number or chooses a contact to call, and the call is successfully connected to the recipient. Both sides can converse, share information, or communicate as planned during an outgoing call.

A cancelled call on an iPhone, on the other hand, refers to a call that was purposely stopped or ended by either the caller or the recipient before the conversation could begin. It happens when the caller or recipient hangs up before the call is connected or answered. A terminated phone call does not result in a conversation or any significant engagement between the individuals concerned.

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Reasons Why Your Call Was Cancelled

A call can be cancelled for a variety of reasons. The following are some common scenarios that can result in a call being canceled:

Change of Plans

The caller may change their mind or no longer want instant communication, causing them to cancel the call before it is answered.


The recipient may be unable to answer the phone because they are busy, in a meeting, or engaged in another conversation. In such instances, they may cancel the incoming call rather than leave it on voicemail.

Technical Problems

Network faults, poor signal strength, or communication system flaws might cause a call to be dropped or canceled before it can be established. This can happen on either the caller’s or the recipient’s end.

Accidental Call

A call may be launched unintentionally, such as when the phone’s screen is mistakenly touched or when a pocket dial occurs. When the caller realizes the mistake, he or she can cancel it immediately.


External events such as unexpected disruptions, emergencies, or distractions might cause a call to be terminated by either party. Interruptions range from loud surroundings to an important situation that requires rapid attention.

Miscommunication or Misunderstanding

Miscommunication can result in the cancellation of a call. For example, if the caller and the recipient have different expectations or if there is a miscommunication regarding the purpose or timing of the conversation, one side may cancel the call.

Understanding these reasons can aid in the management of expectations, the improvement of communication, and the avoidance of misunderstandings in future interactions.

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How to Fix Cancelled Calls?

If you’re having problems with often canceled calls on your iPhone, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Examine Your Network Signal

Calls can be dropped or canceled due to poor signal strength or network connectivity issues. Check for a strong and reliable cellular or Wi-Fi signal. If the signal is weak, consider relocating to a different area or restarting your device to reconnect to the network.

Update the Software on Your iPhone

Keeping the software on your iPhone up to date can help alleviate compatibility issues and enhance overall performance, including call stability. Install any available updates by going to settings, then General, and then to Software Update.

Restart Your iPhone

A simple restart will often cure momentary faults or software incompatibilities causing your calls to be dropped. Hold the power button until the option “Slide to power off” displays, then slide to power off. After a few seconds, hit and hold the power button again to restart your iPhone.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings can assist in resolving network-related difficulties that may interfere with call connectivity. Remember that this will delete any saved Wi-Fi passwords, so keep them handy. Reset Network Settings: Go to Settings > General > Reset. Confirm the activity and, if required, enter your passcode.

Check for Call Forwarding or Blocking

Calls can be cancelled due to incorrect call forwarding settings or inadvertent call blocking. Check the Call Forwarding and Call Blocking settings in Settings > Phone to confirm they are appropriately configured.

Contact Your Service Provider

If the problem persists, it could be due to your network provider. Contact your service provider’s customer service and describe the issue. They can investigate and provide detailed troubleshooting methods or solve the issue.

You can troubleshoot and resolve the issue of canceled calls on your iPhone by following these instructions. If the issue persists, it is advised to get help from an Authorised Service Provider.

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Do Cancelled Calls Go Through?

No, a cancelled call is not routed. When a call is cancelled, it signifies that the call was purposely terminated before the recipient could initiate or answer it. The cancellation occurs at the initiating end, either because the caller decides to discontinue the connection or because the caller dismisses the call before it connects.

The call attempt is interrupted when a call is cancelled, and the recipient’s phone does not ring or receive any notification of the cancelled call. It does not register as a missed or incoming call on the recipient’s device. A canceled call is effectively terminated before any significant discussion between the caller and the recipient can occur.

Do Cancelled Calls Show Up as Missed Calls?

No, canceled calls do not appear as missed calls on the recipient’s device.  Missed calls occur when a call is received but not answered or actively denied by the recipient’s device. The call attempt is made in the case of a missed call, and the recipient’s device reports the call as a missed call, indicating that a call was received but not answered.

How to Know if You’ve Been Blocked?

People often ask ‘Does cancelled call mean blocked?’ If you suspect that someone has blocked you, there are a few symptoms you may look for to assist you identify if you have been blocked:

  • Call Goes Directly to Voicemail: When you try to call the person you suspect has banned you, if the call goes straight to voicemail without ringing, it could indicate that you have been blocked.
  • No Delivery Receipt for Messages: If you send a text message or an iMessage to someone you suspect has blocked you and do not receive a delivery receipt, your communication did not reach their device. However, other variables, such as low signal or network faults, can cause message delivery challenges.
  • No Updates to the Person’s Online Status or Profile Image: If you used to access the person’s online status or profile photo on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but now you can’t, it could indicate that you’ve been blocked.

It is vital to note that these indicators are not 100% certain of being blocked. For example, changes in privacy settings or technological faults could also explain the observed behavior. 

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Does Cancelled call mean they declined your call?

Not necessarily. “Cancelled call” and “call declined” are two different things when it comes to phone calls:
1. Cancelled call: When you make a call to someone, and for some reason, you end the call before they pick up, it is referred to as a “cancelled call.” Essentially, you initiated the call, but you chose to end it before the other party answered.
2. Call declined: On the other hand, a “call declined” means that the person you called actively rejected your call. When your call reaches their phone, they have the option to either answer it, decline it or let it ring until it goes to voicemail. If they choose to decline the call, it usually means they don’t want to talk at that moment or they might be busy.

What does it mean when a call is Cancelled on iPhone?

On an iPhone, when a call is labeled as “Cancelled,” it means that you (the caller) ended the call before the recipient had a chance to answer it. This typically happens when you initiate a call but then decide to end it before the other person picks up or before it goes to voicemail.
There are various reasons why you might cancel a call on your iPhone:
1. You dialed the wrong number and realized it before the call connected.
2. You changed your mind and decided not to make the call.
You accidentally initiated the call and ended it quickly.
3. You found out the person you were calling was already on another call or unavailable, so you canceled to avoid disturbing them.

Does Cancelled call mean outgoing or incoming?

When you see a “Cancelled call” notification on your iPhone, it typically refers to an outgoing call that you initiated but canceled before it was answered by the recipient. This means you were the one trying to make the call, but you chose to end it before the other person had a chance to pick up or before it went to their voicemail.
To clarify:
1. Outgoing “Cancelled call”: You initiated the call, but you ended it before the other party answered.
2. Incoming “Missed call”: If someone else tries to call you, but you don’t answer, the call will be labeled as “Missed call” in your call log. This indicates an incoming call that you didn’t answer.

Can you tell if someone Cancelled a call?

Whether you can tell if someone canceled a call depends on your phone’s call history or call log. On most phones, including iPhones, you can check the call history to see if there are any “Cancelled” entries. If you see a “Cancelled call” entry, it means that someone initiated a call to you but canceled it before you answered or before it went to your voicemail.


Many people were asking ‘What does canceled call mean?’ On an iPhone, a canceled call means a call is purposely terminated by either the caller or the recipient before any significant dialogue can occur. This might occur for various reasons, including a change in plans, unavailability, technological challenges, unintentional calls, interruptions, or miscommunication. 


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