What Channel is QVC on Directv? – Best Guide 2023

You can shop for the best shopping destination from the comfort of your own home with QVC on Directv, Discover a universe of incredible offers, sought-after brands, and a diverse range of products, all at your fingertips. If you’re wondering where you can access QVC on Directv, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading this guide to find What channel is QVC on DirecTV.

What Channel is QVC on Directv

What is QVC?

QVC stands for “Quality, Value, Convenience,” and it is a popular American television network and online shop. It was created in 1986 by Joseph Segel and has since grown to become one of the world’s largest and most well-known home shopping networks. QVC provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience by showcasing products from numerous categories such as fashion, cosmetics, technology, home goods, and more via live broadcasts.

The hosts of the network introduce and showcase these products, providing thorough information, emphasizing features, and emphasizing the benefits to viewers. Viewers can then place orders by phoning a toll-free number or going to the QVC website. QVC is well-known for its interactive shopping experience, which allows viewers to ask questions and interact with hosts during live broadcasts. Now let’s talk about the QVC channel on DirecTV.

What Channel Is QVC on Directv?

QVC, the well-known retail and entertainment network, has a prominent slot in the Directv channel roster, allowing eager shoppers and viewers fast access. QVC channel on DirecTV is located on channel number 11, so tune into it to watch QVC’s enthralling live broadcasts, where an assortment of products from fashion, beauty, home, and electronics come to life. QVC Plus can now be accessed on channels 79 and 315 for added convenience, broadening the range of shopping delight even further. Explore the most recent trends, watch product demonstrations, and make educated purchasing decisions from the comfort of your own home. 

What Channel Is QVC on Spectrum?

QVC viewers who have Spectrum cable can enjoy seamless shopping and entertainment experiences across many areas. Lock onto channel 127 in Ohio to browse QVC’s broad offers, which range from fashion to electronics. Meanwhile, residents of New York, Arizona, and Yuma can indulge in retail therapy on channel 159 by perusing an array of high-quality merchandise. Hampton Roads, Virginia, welcomes viewers to channel 12 or 791, a retail paradise that combines convenience and quality. As the sun sets over San Diego, QVC takes the stage on channels 159 and 480, dazzling screens with its enthralling programs. 

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Best Shows to Watch on QVC

Here are some of the most popular shows on QVC Channel:

1- In the Kitchen with David

“In the Kitchen with David,” hosted by the charismatic David Venable, has become a QVC favorite. This show brings cooking to life by combining culinary expertise, exciting conversation, and a demonstration of innovative kitchen devices and gear. 

2- Shoe Shopping with Jane

Jane Treacy hosts the fashion spectacular “Shoe Shopping with Jane.” This program is a must-see for shoe fans, revealing an astounding selection of fashionable shoes ranging from casual to high fashion. 

3- Beauty IQ

“Beauty iQ” is a beauty-focused show that is a must-see for makeup and skincare fans alike. This show takes you on a tour through the world of cosmetics, skincare, and self-care items. Hosts and beauty professionals give their perspectives, illustrating the transformational potential of high-end brands and cutting-edge beauty solutions. 


Is QVC plus on DIRECTV?

Yes, QVC is available on DirecTV channel numbers 79 & 315. You easily stream the QVC network on DirecTV.

What are QVC channels?

QVC (Quality Value Convenience) is a multinational television network and online shopping platform that specializes in home shopping. It operates a number of channels that broadcast live shopping programs 24 hours a day, allowing viewers to purchase a wide variety of products directly from their television or through the QVC website or mobile app.


Yes, You will get the QVC livestream on DIRECTV.


Finding the QVC Directv channel gives up a whole new world of shopping and entertainment. As we’ve seen, QVC’s channel number varies depending on your area and programming package, demonstrating the network’s dedication to presenting various content to its consumers. QVC’s entertaining broadcasts offer a unique blend of knowledge, entertainment, and interaction, whether you’re attracted by the dynamic presentations on fashion, beauty, home products, or technology. 

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