How to Access MSG Go on Firestick? 3 Best Methods 2023

If you enjoy sports, you should be aware of Msg Go, the premier streaming service for all things related to sports. It provides a variety of sports content, such as highlights from NBA and NHL games and lives games as well as reruns of previous contests. If you are looking to watch MSG Go on Firestick then this article is for you.

Many customers are looking for ways to access Msg Go on their Firestick due to the rising popularity of streaming gadgets like the Amazon Firestick. You can follow the step-by-step instructions in this article to learn how to access Msg Go on your Firestick. Enjoy all of your favorite sports content, whether you’re a basketball or hockey fan.

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About MSG Go

Access to a variety of sports content, especially those pertaining to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League, is made possible by the streaming service Msg Go (NHL). MSG Networks, a local sports network with operations in the New York City metropolitan area, is the platform’s owner.

On a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, sports fans can watch live games, replays, and highlights of their preferred team thanks to Msg Go. Also, the portal offers exclusive behind-the-scenes content, player and coach interviews, and other tools to improve the viewing experience.

How Can You Access MSG Go?

Users must have a subscription to a partner provider that has MSG Networks in its television lineup in order to access Msg Go. Then, users can access the sports content by logging in to the Msg Go app using their cable or satellite provider credentials.

All things considered, Msg Go offers sports fans a handy method to watch live games and catch up on highlights and replays of their preferred sports teams, all in one location.

Can You Get MSG Go On Firestick?

We should be aware that as of now, Msg go is not supported by Amazon Firestick. As a result, streaming MSG Go on Firestick takes different methods. But there are some ways through which you can learn how you can get Msg G on firestick with ease.

How to Get MSG Go On Firestick?

Since MSG Go is not available on Firestick, we will have to use other means to access it on Firestick. The Sideloading technique is the simplest way to install MSG Go on a Firestick. 

Before following any of the techniques, make sure that you are completely set up and you Pair Firestick Remote to TV. Three sideloading techniques will be covered, including:

1. ES File Explorer App

You can stream Msg go on firestick by following the steps that we have listed below for you:

  • Install and open the ES File Explorer application.
  • Choose the Downloader symbol from the ES File Explorer main page after that.
  • Then select the + New tab.
  • Enter the URL for the MSG Go app in the Path field.
  • Next, type whatever name you choose in the Name area.
  • Thereafter, select the Download Now button.
  • You can now access the MSG Go app’s download status from the Pop-up menu.
  • Click Open File after downloading the MSG Go app.
  • Continue by clicking the Install button after that.
  • The MSG Go app will be set up on your Firestick in a matter of seconds.
  • After installation, you can use the Open button to start the MSG go app by clicking it.
  • Start streaming your favorite sporting events by logging in with your cable TV account.

2. Apps2Fire

If you decide to install MSG Go on your Firestick via Apps2Fire, you can do it by following these steps:

  • Download the MSG Go app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • The Apps2Fire app should be installed on your Android device.
  • Make sure your Android device is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your Firestick.
  • Go to the “Setup” tab in the Apps2Fire app.
  • Click “Save” after entering your Firestick device’s IP address.
  • The MSG Go app can be found by selecting the “Local Applications” category in the Apps2Fire app and scrolling down.
  • To transfer the app to your Firestick device, click the app and then “Install.”
  • After the installation is finished, locate and start the MSG Go app by going to the “Your Apps & Channels” area on the Firestick home screen.

3. Downloader App

The third and last app you can use to run msg go on firestick is the downloader app. Lets get into the steps involved in streaming msg go on firestick via the downloader app.

  • Go to the “Search” icon on your Firestick’s home screen and enter “Downloader.”
  • Install the “Downloader” software after choosing it.
  • Open the “Downloader” application.
  • Enter the MSG Go app download link in the URL area. The link can be found online or by consulting a trustworthy source.
  • Once the download is finished, click “Install” to begin installing the app on your Firestick.
  • You should be able to locate the MSG Go app in the “Your Apps & Channels” area on your Firestick home screen after the installation is finished.

How to Get Msg Go On Firestick Using Screen Mirroring?

You can use this technique to watch MSG Go content on your Firestick if you have a smartphone or tablet with the MSG Go software loaded and that supports screen mirroring. Use screen mirroring to install MSG Go on Firestick by following these steps:

  • Choose “Display & Audio” from the “Settings” menu on your Firestick’s home screen.
  • “Display Mirroring” should be enabled.
  • By choosing “Screen Mirroring” or “Cast Screen” in the device settings on your smartphone or tablet, you can enable screen mirroring.
  • Choose your Firestick device from the list of connected devices.
  • Start playing the chosen content by launching the MSG Go app on your smartphone.
  • You should be able to watch MSG Go on your Firestick by having the content mirror on your Firestick’s screen.

Note that this technique needs a strong and quick Wi-Fi connection because screen mirroring might be impacted by network stability and speed. Also, not all mobile devices enable screen mirroring, so it’s critical to determine compatibility before attempting to use the feature on your device.

What Further Platforms Provide Msg Go?

You can try out the streaming services that already include MSG as part of their subscription packages in addition to streaming MSG Go using its app. This is simpler because you may use the online streaming services to which you currently have access, or you can sign up for one to gain access to more possibilities, without having to download a new app.

On streaming services like FuboTV or AT&T TV, you are fortunate enough to stream MSG with an active subscription plan.


On What Apps Can I Watch Msg Go?

You can watch Msg Go through the following apps:
Hulu +.
Sling TV. 

What Is the Cost of MSG Go?

If you have already subscribed to a cable/video provider then MSG Go doesn’t charge you any additional cost.


In conclusion, even if MSG Go might not be accessible right now on Firestick, there are a few ways to try to use the program. The use of third-party services or sideloading programs can be used to access Msg go on your firestick device. 

Other than third-party services, you can also use screen mirroring. Keep in mind that due to network speed and stability difficulties, screen mirroring may not always offer the optimum viewing experience when used to watch MSG Go content on your Firestick. 

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