Facebook Marketplace Asking For Phone Number – What You Need to Know!

Facebook Marketplace has become a popular platform for buying and selling a wide range of goods and services in the digital era. 

Suppose you’re wondering why the Facebook marketplace asking for phone numbers and whether you should reveal this personal information. This article will shed some light on the question, ‘Is it safe to give out phone number on Facebook marketplace?’

Facebook Marketplace Asking For Phone Number

Facebook Marketplace Asking For Phone Number – Is it Safe?

Sharing your phone number on Facebook Marketplace creates serious privacy and security issues. While there are valid reasons for the platform to require this information, it is important to maintain your privacy and security.

To begin with, exposing your phone number to unknown folks can invite unwanted or even harassing communication. Scammers use this information for harmful objectives such as phishing, spamming, or identity theft. The FTC has even published cautions about Facebook marketplace scams asking for phone numbers.

Once your phone number is public, it becomes difficult to manage who has access to it and how it is used. It could result in unsolicited calls, text messages, or your information being sold to telemarketers.

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How Does This Scam Work?

If Facebook Marketplace asking for phone number, then this is probably how you will get scammed. The Facebook Marketplace phone number verification fraud often happens like this:

1- Initial Contact

The first point of contact is when a scammer expresses interest in an item you have put for sale on Facebook Marketplace. They make contact via the platform’s message mechanism.

2- The Pretext of Safety

The scammer will claim that they need to verify your identification or ensure the transaction’s security. They claim that revealing your phone number is required for these reasons, which will appear plausible.

3- Sharing Verification Code

After you agree to give your phone number, the fraudster sends you a text message with a verification code and requests that you send it back to them, saying that it is for verification purposes.

4- Misuse of the Verification Code 

When you share the verification code, the scammer can access your Facebook account because the code is commonly used to change passwords. They can change your password, lock you out of your account, and participate in fraudulent actions such as impersonation.

5- Scamming Possibility 

Once in control of your account, the scammer will post false listings, contact your friends, or participate in other scams using your identity.

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How Do You Know If a Buyer Is Scamming You on Facebook Marketplace?

Identifying possible Facebook marketplace scams asking for phone numbers requires vigilance and an eye for red flags. Here are some scenarios in which a buyer might be attempting to fraud you:

1- Too Good to Be True

 If the buyer offers an unusually high price for your goods or appears extremely eager to complete the transaction without any haggling, this could indicate fraud.

2- Inconsistent Communication

Keep an eye out for discrepancies in the buyer’s messages, such as poor syntax, spelling errors, or ambiguous requests. Scammers usually send out generic or automated texts.

3- Require for Personal Information 

Avoid buyers who require your personal information before completing the deal, such as your email address, phone number, or bank information. This could be an attempt to obtain your personal information.

4- Refusal to Meet in Person 

If the buyer refuses to meet in person or insists on sending the item without first inspecting it, this could be a red sign. Scammers usually avoid face-to-face interactions.

5- Payment Red Flags

Be aware if the buyer offers to pay with a check, money order, or another method not usually accepted on the platform. These payment methods are easily counterfeited or reversed.


Why would someone ask for my phone number on Facebook marketplace?

Without ttohe seller knowing, the tricky scammer is secretly setting up a Google Voice number connected to the seller’s phone number. When the seller does what the scammer asks and sends the code, the scammer can finish setting up the account, using the seller’s phone number to hide who they really are.

Why would a scammer ask for my phone number?

Smart scammers understand that if they take control of your mobile phone number, they can pretend to be you, get hold of security messages sent to your phone, and then get into your money and social media accounts.

How do I know if my Facebook marketplace buyer is legit?

To verify if your Facebook Marketplace buyer is legitimate, look for a profile with complete information, check their reviews and ratings if available, and arrange to meet in a safe, public location for transactions. Avoid suspicious requests and be cautious if the buyer insists on unusual payment methods or seems overly pushy.

Can a scammer do anything with your phone number?

When scammers have your phone number, they might send you fake messages or call you to try and steal your information. They can also trick you into downloading bad stuff on your phone and get your personal info. Once they have that info, it’s not too hard for them to get into your Financial Acounts.


Facebook Marketplace has grown as a popular platform, providing consumers worldwide with convenience and accessibility. However, you should also stay safe from potential risks, particularly when providing personal information or conducting transactions. Scammers and fraudulent activities can represent substantial hazards. So users must remain attentive, notice red signs, and take precautions to protect themselves.

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